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Kaabong Diaries


Travelling against foreign office advice and therefore having to browse through the different types of 'high risk' travel insurance adds to uneasiness... Adventures will always contain a certain level of risk but it is best to take that risk rather than risk missing out... Anyway I am at the airport now, my mother has gone and my bag is checked in so there is no backing out now.


As the hours passed, the landscape became bleaker and more arid, with sparse scrub and a vast vista. This was Karamoja. Further north still, the rivers were totally empty of water. It had not rained for two years....


We were led through a small gap in the brushwood, to a maze of fences & hidden entrances. This was a traditional homestead, outside of the Kaabong security area. We were greeted by the chief and his wives...


"Something wrong?" we asked, trying to sound calm. Junior said we had a flat tyre and asked Margaret if she knew where the nearest army barracks was. "On that hill", she said. 'God is Great!!' exclaimed Junior. Even Junior couldn't hide his relief.