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By Gab Chaparro,  Mexico Correspondent for Safe World for Women. March 2013.

She's not famous...

Well, many people write about their icons in society, award winning women, actresses, etc. However, the woman I will write about is not famous... she's my mother.

Mama-1My mother is a genius: she has a higher IQ than normal; she started university when she was 15 years old and finished at 20, and immediately, she started to work carrying responsibilities that a girl of her age should not have at all. She took all the personality courses, make-up courses, fashion courses –  the list goes on. She was, of course, the sustainer of six brothers and her mother. And this is not the only reason why I admire her.

She was the FIRST woman who was an executive in the Mexican government. YES: the first one in an executive level; of course, it's something that nobody knows, recognises, or reads about in our history. She used to give conferences to governors and deputies, and explained to them about tax law. She went to tons of conferences from the Mexican Banks Association. Of course, as soon as she entered that office, all the benefits went out the window. Why?


Yes... no high salary, no holidays, no car, driver, and other things. However, she never gave up, she kept working all her life.

You may ask why am I writing about her now? Well, finally, she wants to retire.

Why do I write? Without going into deep details –  when I see an office hiring six persons to do the job she used to do –  I feel proud. Not even six persons are able to do all that job.

Yes... she's not famous. But she's my mother, we are absolutely different and opposite. We don't share many ideas at all, but we try; we try every day to share or talk. We try every day to know each other, and she doesn't know, but I'm really proud of her.

I know many people think perfection doesn't exist. But each thing she does – it's perfect from the smallest to the biggest.

And I just use these lines to thank her the great woman she is;  I always remember her words, "If you aren't going to do it right, then don't do it".

A lot of people think she the most serious woman; yes, she doesn't speak a lot, or with a high tone, nor is she ever going to give you an opinion unless you ask for it. But once she was telling me about a course to learn to enter to a car and sit and go out from it (of course, as a lady), but this phrase –  I never forget it: "If you stop a taxi and someone wants to take it, forget how to sit –  even if you wear a skirt, just jump in it no matter how".

She's a lady... she's my mother. And one day I wish to be a quarter of the kind of woman she is.

Dolores Imelda Aguirre Barragán sadly passed away on Monday 26th October 2020, of Covid-19.

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