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Farida-at-work-RIPRIP Ms Farida Afridi presenting award to EDO Education FATA. Photo: SAWERA

By Hena Gul, Human Resources Manager of SAWERA, Peshawar, Pakistan

"Farida is still the central part of the organisation and she is among us. She will be always in our hearts and prayers."

I am here to write something that's on my mind. Writing and reading are my hobbies and I love reading books - books are my weakness, so I write less than I read.

However, whenever I pick my laptop or hold my pen, my fingers automatically move to write something. Today I am thinking about what I should write, because all over the world everybody - each human, writes different things about each and every topic, so I do not know what to write; but finally it comes to my mind that yes I should write this [about SAWERA] - so I am writing. Let’s see where it will go on?

I hope that it will be a good effort of mine because it is my wish to write something about this interesting topic. May be when you read this, you will be first curious that what I am going to write about, may be it's not very interesting to everyone, or may be it will be interesting for all, as it is to me.

SAWERA-beneficiaries-4SAWERA Members distribute stationary and other equipment's amongst the women and girls. Photo: SAWERAI need clarity to write about just my organisation’s committed staff. I am so fortunate to have such a great, sincere and committed staff of SAWERA, and it is my good luck to be a part of SAWERA.

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As I settle down in a corner of my room, and look over to my home from the outside door of my room, and listen to a song and write about my colleagues - so it really gives me a great joy and happiness to write about my appreciation of my staff and colleagues' work and their love for work. I couldn’t help but think - and I hope that, if someone tells a person that yes I am working for SAWERA, so it will be a great honour for me. At least my name will go with SAWERA.

All members of SAWERA are really committed with their work and very hard working even though in a very critical condition, and I came to the conclusion that working with SAWERA is not just a job but it also a great opportunity to have worked with such great and sincere staff. SAWERA is a successful organisation, and is also trying to reach the peak of success and INSHALLAH I hope that SAWERA will achieve their peak success because of their committed staff.

SAWERA-beneficiary-3SAWERA beneficiary. Photo: SAWERAOur committed and talented staff play a vital role in the success of SAWERA - whether it’s a cook, driver, office boy or a Manager. I am so excited and feel happy to write these few sentences for my colleagues, because I cannot do much for them but at least I can appreciate all of them and convey my message and love in this way. I do not want to single out the name of one person here, because it’s about the all team members of SAWERA, and in fact SAWERA is like 'whole for all'.

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I just want to let my colleagues know that the things they do for me and for the organisation cannot be ignored. I really appreciate the dedication and services they offer for SAWERA. I am really thankful to all, from the bottom of my heart, for their commitment to SAWERA; they are the valued and important part of the organisation. I really encourage everyone for doing so much, and in such a critical condition as well. I really wish my colleagues and staff members more and more success, whether they are with SAWERA or wherever they will be in the future.

Remembering-Farida-AfridiCondolence memorial for Farida Afridi, RIP.And finally, I can’t forget ever..  How can I forget the very great and legendary late Miss Farida Afridi and her dedication to SAWERA?

Farida is still the central part of the organisation and she is among us. She will be always in our hearts and prayers. God bless her soul and grant her Janat-Ul-Firdus. Amin

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