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Pankh organised a campaign against Female Foeticide. Dr. Sheba Rakesh, Executive Director of Pankh, stressed the need to awaken the masses towards such heinous atrocities...


Second interview on with Sheba Rakesh, founder of Pankh:

"In most cases the brides are burnt alive, in yet some of the others the emotional, financial and psychological torture is so intense that the girl, finding herself emotionally alone is driven to despair and ultimately suicide. Apart from the social and psychological behaviour of close ones that encourages such behaviour it is the legal problems that force women to see nothing but a dead end.."


"I have always been attracted to the idea of the upliftment of women who are not as fortunate as some of their privileged counterparts. My education, some of my very close personal experiences, and my family support helped me to go ahead with the idea of starting Pankh. After the completion of my Doctoral thesis in English Literature, activism had to be the next obvious step, and here was Pankh..."


Pankh held two well-attended sessions to help empower young girls Both sessions dealt with the socio-sexual ramifications that young girls face in the complex social setup of India.


Pankh works towards trying to achieve greater freedoms for less privileged women, and on March 8 2011, Pankh provided a very successful workshop to teach women artistic skills ...