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How can I forget the very great and legendary late Miss Farida Afridi and her dedication to SAWERA?

Farida is still the central part of the organisation and she is among us. She will be always in our hearts and prayers.


Natalie Nolt is a hospice volunteer in the USA:

"What I can do is prevent someone dying alone. I have enough love in my heart to share, to make someone feel they have had it all their lifetime, even if it’s only for six months or one week."


When Mah Gul was beheaded, no one praised her integrity, her bravery, her morality.... When Mah Gul was beheaded, the world did not shake....


Banaz: A Love Story is not a comfortable thing to watch, and nor should it be.... 

Police footage shows Banaz relating how her husband beat her, raped her, threatened her, degraded her, telling her she was ugly, she was a whore and good for nothing else.


Anxiety about security, especially among the educated youth and women...

But Noorjahan Akbar finds plenty to love about Kabul too...


Sheba Rakesh explores modern attitudes to women: "Conventional morality views the (woman's) body as being lower than the rationality associated with men – and the phallus.... she converts into 'bitch', 'whore' 'pussy' and of course, 'cunt'"


Ndidi had absolutely no intention of trying this whole “sugar daddy” thing when Ngozi came up to her with a persuasive tone - “Oh come on, now, Ndidi, it’s fun! All he wants is for you to hang out with him, and he will give you plenty, plenty of things!”


This is just one of the many stories in Nigeria...

A lot of girls turn to prostitution and boys rob – so they get the money - because they want to gain their rightful place in the family.

Knifes FGM

Just as Edirin decided she would speak to the little girl sitting beside her, a blood curdling scream shook her.. This is no party, Edirin thought...

Years later, Edirin carried the pain with her, still smarting under the emotional wounds she was delivered that day. For years, she couldn’t help but feel violated and betrayed.


She found herself stranded in the streets. Where would she go?

She was so hungry, so hungry, that the world swam in front of her eyes. Water filled her stomach sometimes, but only for a while...


There is a saying in Pakistan: “A man and a woman are like two wheels of a cart. The cart can move fast and safely when both of them are pulling the cart in the same direction, and with equal strength, but if one of the wheels is damage, nothing will be possible.”

When women are empowered and are involved in decision making, the planning and implementation of programmes, this will have a positive impact on the country...


"Sexuality for women --  the issues of the body are closely related to the issues of personal existence, and ironically, young women in India are still not well-equipped to handle these issues...."