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It was Emilie Buchwald who stated that "Children are made readers on the laps of their parents", while Jacqueline Kennedy pointed out, "There are many little ways to enlarge your child's world. Love of books is the best of all"...


The strict legislation on overseas adoption passed in 1983 has evidently just driven baby smuggling underground...

The offer of $50 and higher to give up a child is a life-changing sum in a country where people struggle to scrape together a few dollars per month.


Shahnoor was missing one of her sons, who was with his father in Bangladesh. Her sole objective was to save enough money every month, so she could speak to him using a phone at her local PCO or cafe...

I asked Shahnoor to get someone’s Skype ID where her son lived. It was amazing to see her expressions while she spoke and cried looking at him.


In early April, FEMEN declared an international day of action: "Topless Jihad against Islamism". Besides being totally offensive to Islam and Muslims, the name implies a serious case of ignorance about Islam.

Being a veiled practicing Muslim woman, I oppose the exploitation and objectification of a woman's body in the name of freedom...


"Women are unsafe whether they are in IDP camps, doing jobs, working in offices, in school, or in college...and are at risk of their physical security everywhere."

wrote Hina Gul before the bomb exploded in SAWERA's office on 30th March....


I did not learn about freedom in America. I learned about freedom from my parents. When I was six, they decided that they didn't want to submit to living under the Taliban...

I learned about freedom from the women of my country who sing about freedom in dozens of different languages and dialects, who tell their daughters tales of freedom.


My friend's mother wanted to know what the [Auschwitz] camp looked like in its present form...

This elderly Jewish woman, in a nursing home in Canada, would vividly describe the biting cold, the brutality of camp guards, the lack of food, deplorable sanitation but ultimately the desire to live...


Remember the deluge of political concern over the subjugation of Afghan women at the time of the October 2001 invasion?

Fast forward then, to 8 March 2013... On the eve of Women’s Day the Kabul Girls’ Boxing Team were refused entry to Britain by the UK Border Agency.


Today we mourn the loss of Parveen Rehman, one of the best teachers I had a chance to interact with.

The city of Karachi lost yet another soul, who was a mentor, teacher, educator... She left in her legacy students who know the difference between a slum area and a squatter settlement.


Safety for women is more a social issue than a geographic one.

Over-commodification of a woman's body is the mainstay of most civilizations... Sadly, when we talk about the "targets of assault", nobody can categorically be called "safe".


Objectification can be most dangerous when it manifests itself in a sexual way. Partly because it can normalise the idea that sex is something women’s bodies are used for by men, not something women actively participate in, facilitating and encouraging rape... writes Louise McCudden.


Feminism is a relatively new concept for me - I’m only 20....

I was selected as the Australian delegate to attend the 2011 G(irls)20 Summit in Paris.

I have recently started writing for Safe World for Women, and have addressed some Australian issues such as the victim blaming by the media...