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I can’t help wondering if the gutter press might be hunting around so they can use those photos [of Gloria de Peioro]... What message does would that send? You can pose topless – just don’t become an MP? Show us your tits – but don’t have opinions afterwards?


This story is dedicated with love to the Memory of my Father, Lal M. Zereh. “You gave me the gift to see the East and West as two arms in one body, counterparts in the synchronization of a harmonious globe.”


There was no hand on my shoulder, no brother to hold me, my mother thousands of miles away unable to kiss my head and tell me it was the will of God... I looked down in the hole where my child was sleeping and asked how can a man be so lonely...


Why identify women with Goddesses?....why not identify the Goddesses with women?... Maybe then,  the next time you go to worship the goddesses, you will not be able to rape a woman on your way back home. I understand it is not easy, but handling feminism and its seriousness has never been easy. Handling a lot of energy has never been easy.  Maybe, this is not impossible...keep the symbolism intact...maybe...


Even though everyone was talking about African women and HIV/AIDS during the conference, the organizers failed to invite and to include African women as primary speakers....


Patriarchy reinforces widowhood rites by placing more value on the lives of men over women. A woman is regarded as a property under African customary laws....


Sahar Gul is the Afghan teenager who was sold into an early marriage and tortured almost to the point of death by her in-laws when she was rescued by the police and taken to hospital in December 2011...

Fast forward to July 2013.  Sahar’s physical injuries have healed but her fight for justice is not over.


Torn apart in my heart, like her brother, and betrayed, I was thinking of the woman I met today, The one who lost a beloved Two hundred and thirty six days ago....


Hamza has lived in Turab El-Ghafeer, the cemetery by Salah Salem, also known as the City of the Dead for about fifty years.

He is only one of more than half a million people that have lived their lives, from birth until death, isolated in Egypt's cemeteries....


Sadly, widespread sexual assault is proving to be all too common in the ADF (Australian Defence Force)...

One of the most recent stories details the experience of Private Veronica Wadley... The sad irony of this story is that as a young medic, she met a number of female victims of assault in army hospitals, and saw the negative effects that assault had had on their lives.


The Israeli police treat domestic violence among the Palestinian minority as a “private affair” that should be left for the clan and its leaders to solve.

It is much more comfortable for the police to link domestic violence against Palestinian women to “family honour” and thus absolve themselves of the responsibility to intervene under the pretext of respecting “cultural sensitivity.”


Wednesday, May 22nd, a group of students at Kabul University protested against the law for Elimination of Violence against Women...

“Death to women, death to democracy,” yelled the protestors who held signs that read “democracy is prostitution, nakedness, immodesty, and un-Islamic...”