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Joy Orphanage

The fund for the farming project was received in January, 2015 from an organization named Emerge Poverty Free. The farm utilizes 220 acres of land and is currently growing vegetables, fruit, beans, groundnuts and grain. There are also animals like chicken, cows, pigs and goats.


With help from friends and well wishers, URICT worked to improve home health care by focusing on grandmothers. URICT worked with grandmothers to identify the information gap about basic health care, as well as a desire to gain more knowledge about first aid and other ways to improve community health.


'I have been able to gain some independence; the three youngest of my grandchildren are now attending a boarding school at Namisambya and as old as I look, I always pay their school fees on time with little trouble.

These things have changed the way I used to view life” - Akello Justin