URICT Uganda is a charitable, non-governmental organization, registered with the National NGO Board under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uganda.

Where we Are

URICT operates entirely in the Busoga region of Eastern Uganda.

URICT is mandated to operate nationwide; however, it is taking moving one step at a time. Currently we operate mainly in Kamuli, Jinja, Kaliro, Buyende, and Luuka regions of Eastern Uganda. We are located 146 km away from Kampala, the capital of Uganda; however, because of bad roads it can often take 5-6 hrs to reach our base from Kampala.

Who We Are

  1.       Dr. Monicah Mukyala - Chairperson to the Board
  2.       Mrs. Namukasa Victoria - Finance Secretary
  3.       Ms. Hellen Waiswa - Member to the Board
  4.       Mrs. Night Kafambe - Member to the Board
  5.       Leigh Therson – Pro-bono
  6.      Rainer Roesseler – International Resource Mobilizer