In the afternoon of January 19th, 1975, Andrew Gabula was born to a struggling woman who already had given birth to six children. This woman had braved an abusive marriage for last 20 years, being battered day in and day out. Andrew was delivered when his father was in a local pub, drinking.

When the father returned from his drinking he asked the mother whose baby it was. This caused more pain to the woman than words can explain. Andrew thus grew up in the hands of a woman who had suffered terrible hurt but was strong and willing to give all her children the best in life. This impacted Andrew’s life and how he looks at things.

Andrew was born in a polygamous family, where the father lived his life like “a lord wanna-be.” Andrew’s father married 13 women, had several mistresses, and couldn’t resist a neighbour’s wife or daughter. He fathered several children, and the number increased every year.

Later in life their father failed to take care of his big family. The women struggled to keep the children in schools, and Andrew's mother was unable to keep her children going. It was then that his big sister, Rosemary Mukyala Nangoma, took over and made sure to pay for his education.

However, on the eve of him joining Makerere University for a Bachelors in Public Health, Rosemary died in Rubaga Mission Hospital while giving birth to her fifth-born, on April 1, 2002.

This almost marked the end of Andrew's future; he had no way to finish his education and so had to drop out of school.

The loss of his sister had a deep impact on Andrew, and he decided to start something to help expecting mothers with maternal, antenatal, and postnatal health issues. He has a strong attachment to his work and has even developed appropriate technologies to help women in this struggle.

In 2005, he joined efforts with powerful women who shared his passion, and he let them lead in the formation of URICT. It is this passion and love which has seen URICT grow from a small community organization to one working at regional and national levels.