SAWERA in the Media


The most important way we can help is by giving the people of Pakistan moral support.  We can send messages of comfort; prayers; good wishes.  We can share our common humanity; our sameness.  We can let them know that we, in the rest of the world, grieve with them, hold them in our hearts...


In Dublin to receive the prestigious award, Noorzia Afridi asked guests to stand for a moment's silence in memory of murdered co-founder of SAWERA - Farida Afridi.


That Farida Afridi's work is going to save lives is beyond question, but what's more important is that it will go a long way towards making countless other lives worth living. None of that of course brings her own life back. But she hasn't lost, even as she lies underneath tons of dirt.


"HRCP is utterly shocked at the targeted killing of Farida Afridi, whose only crime was working for the uplift of women in an area where they need such help the most.Two armed men riding a bicycle shot her in the head and fled. The threats to human rights defenders in FATA are as worrisome as the impunity the killers enjoy." - Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.