Blue Veins has a vision of a world where women live healthy, educated, free, and safe lives.

Where equality and dignity is a right, not a privilege. Where women spend their lives creating and thriving, rather than surviving victimization and recovering from atrocities. We envision a world where women and girls enjoy equal protection and fulfillment of their human rights, and share power in directing institutions, guiding communities, and leading societies and nations.

Women and girls shall have full access to the information, resources, training, and employment opportunities they need in order to overcome social, legal and economic barriers, and to participate in decision making, and claiming their human rights


The mission of Blue Veins is to work together in harmony with a higher spirit to improve the quality of life of women and children, and establish a people-centered framework for empowerment, sustainable health, and a social development to guide, build up a culture of cooperation and partnership, and respond to the immediate needs of those who are vulnerable. Blue Veins empowers women to articulate, demand, and access their rights by enhancing women’s leadership and building networks.


The full and equal participation of women in political, civil, economic, social, and cultural life at the national, regional and international levels, and the eradication of all forms of discrimination on grounds of sex are priority objectives of Blue Veins.

Other objectives include:

  • To promote, protect and support the human rights norms, advocate for the universality of human rights, and promotes accountability when these rights are denied or undermined.
  • To take all necessary measures to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women and the girl child, and remove all obstacles to gender equality and the advancement and empowerment of women politically, socially, culturally and economically.
  • To reshape social attitudes and behaviour for a sensitive and responsive social environment to address women’s concerns and development.
  • To improve the health status of women, advocate for and to promote the rights of women regarding their health, and create an enabling environment to exercise their rights.
  • To promote democratic development and practices through human rights, consolidate democracy & democratic culture, and strengthen the rule of law.
  • To promote gender-sensitive media advocacy on development issues.
  • To promote the concept of gender and energy consideration within the context of community life, energy policies and projects, and its integration in a holistic way with other programs related to health, education, agriculture, and job creation in order to reach MDGs.
  • To promote and work towards environmental protection, sanitation, infrastructure, energy, and ecological conservation and pollution control.
  • To respond quickly to natural catastrophes, man-made disasters, emergencies, and conflicts, and creatively seize opportunities for positive change where and when they present themselves.
  • To carry on rehabilitation measures/infrastructure repair and reconstruction in times of calamities and disasters so as to mitigate human sufferings, alleviate distress and losses arising out of calamities such as floods, cyclones, fires, earthquakes, droughts, famines, wars, hostilities, riots, epidemics and other miseries affecting people in any part of KPK and to provide psycho social support to them.
  • To engage with specific UN human rights mechanisms to enhance their effectiveness, and to reinforce their connections with civil society.
  • To strengthen the ability of NGOs/CBOs/VOs, etc. to meet their obligation and requirements in an efficient manner.
  • To promote peace and regional cooperation, cultivate a spirit of peace and harmony among different faith communities, and to celebrate with openness and mutual respect the rich diversity of religious and spiritual traditions.