Samburu-mother-and-babyThis Samburu mom, Ngeendwa, has promised not to mutilate her precious daughter.

How we are financed

Pastoralist Child Foundation relies on the generosity of donors.

What we do

Girls’ Educational Camps

Girls’ Educational Camps are for teenage girls ages 11-16. During school holidays, 60 girls attend 4-day camps.

The curriculum includes raising awareness about the dangers of FGM, child marriage, teen pregnancy, rape, HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.

We also include education about the female reproductive system, health and sanitation and self-awareness.

Interactive lively discussions take place and the girls are always encouraged to participate in all activities. Girls are also encouraged to share what they learn with their peers, families, teachers and community members. Every girl receives a graduation certificate upon completing the 4-day camp.

Girls' Education

Pastoralist Child Foundation sponsors girls’ education. We currently sponsor six girls – four in Samburu and two in Maasai Mara. The four girls in Samburu are fully sponsored at high-ranking secondary boarding schools. The two girls in Maasai Mara are partially sponsored: tuition, exam fees, medical coverage, transportation, uniforms, shoes, school supplies, bedding, and personal toiletries are paid for by Pastoralist Child Foundation.

Our partners