Compassion News

Margaret from Kiambu Support Group

Margaret is among many women Compassion CBO trained in 2015. She has survived breast Cancer 2 times.

Compassion CBO Anti-Fgm Campaign in Kenya

Following an intensive selection process, Compassion CBO has been awarded a grant by AmplifyChange to run Anti-FGM Hotlines in Kenya.

Desks donated to Compassion CBO In Memory of Aunty Polly

The children of Compassion CBO school in Nairobi are the beneficiaries of a heart-felt tribute from the friends and family of much-loved Parthenia Adams - ‘Aunty Polly’ - who passed away, age 97, in Detroit, Michigan.

Clothes distribution

Before Compassion CBO starts a project we make sure it will be self-sustaining and we minimize the risk by starting small before expanding, to avoid massive losses or collapse of the project. Once it succeeds we replicate it with network and community members...

Building the new school roof

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters we managed to repair our school roof before the rains started.... Panic had set in at our school in the Githogoro Slums when we heard that there was going to be heavy rain.

Unison Public Services Union

At the UNISON conference, Debbie Hollingsworth proposed that this year's collection should go to Compassion CBO, who she had visited. Out of several nominees, Compassion CBO was selected. "It has come at the right time because we need funds to fight FGM." - Evanson Njeru, founder of Compassion CBO.

Compassion school 2015

My last blog from Kenya... I hope you will remember that just outside Nairobi, Compassion CBO will carry on regardless. I hope you will continue to support them... when you are here, on the ground, it makes a world of difference knowing that someone, somewhere, believes in what you are doing.