Compassion-CBOCompassion CBO founder meeting with the members of Kabae guardian women's group, all grandmothers, taking care of orphans.

How We're Funded

Compassion CBO relies entirely on the generosity of supporters and donors.

Our Projects

Compassion CBO Rescue Centres

Compassion's children centres host about 300 orphans and vulnerable children from different slums in Nairobi.

We feed them on daily basis, and educate them. Children come in the morning and leave in the evening for the centre does not have sleeping accommodations. Children are taken care of in family units by caregivers.

We have a full primary school in the centres to provide free primary education to children from the slums.

In Kenya, it is mandatory for every child to go to school in full school uniform. Many children stay out of school the rest of their lives because their parents or guardian can’t afford $10 to buy the school uniform. Poor families have an average of six children per family and live in grim 10*10 feet sacks in the city. They earn less than $365 per year.  Schools in drought-hit areas and in slums require a feeding programme for children to keep them in school, for many can’t sit and listen when hungry.

A hungry child at home is a hungry child at school. The interval between meals for these children is not about hours – but days.

Water project

The most basic need of any Kenyan village/slum is clean, safe water.

In Kenya, 70% of city dwellers live in informal settlements where they have no access to clean water. Cases of diarrhea, typhoid, and worms is prevalent in slums.

Many children have lost their lives due to water contamination. A cup of untreated water is a line between life and death. Scarcity of water keeps many children out of school as they are made to go and queue for water for up six hours a day, leaving them with no time to go to school.

Providing tap water and digging boreholes helps save lives and keep children in school.

Campaign Against Female Genital Mutilation.

Young girls between ages 6 and 10 are forced to undergo a very painful practice of genital mutilation whereby their clitoris is chopped off against their wishes,  and their rights are horribly violated due to outdated cultural beliefs. 

Members of ‘Mungiki’ sect, which has an estimated 3,000,000 followers – among them youth, have continuously mutilated their girls.

Among some communities, every year, all girls undergo the rite which they believe is a transition between childhood to adulthood, and those who do not go under the rite are segregated and can’t get married.

We take the responsibility of campaigning against the vice through workshops in schools, and through lobby groups against genital mutilation at the grassroots level.

In Kisii community alone, 30, 000 girls went through the rite last year.

Income generating Activities

Compassion CBO believes in showing people how to fish instead of giving fish –  and not only how to fish, but making a fishing hook.

Our efforts are geared in providing a lasting solution in curbing hunger for good.

Members of the communities and families living in abject poverty are equipped with skills and knowledge in income-generating activities. Our greatest challenge is providing grants after training. Those who have been able to get the grants from us or elsewhere are a successful story. Grants help women start income-generating activities and help them feed their children and take them to school.

Some of the income-generating activities going on now include: pig project, goat keeping, rabbit rearing, mini-shops, hand crafts, and integrated farming technology – which takes 2*2 metres of space.


Compassion CBO's purpose is to improve the quality of life of people ,especially women living with HIV/AIDS to enable them to lead a more fulfilling life.

This is done through: counseling, home-based care, economic empowerment through income- generating activities, nutritional support, referral for anti-retroviral treatment (ART) and treatment of opportunistic infections, capacity-building, and formation of support groups – e.g., women and grandmother support groups.


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