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Women united

“Women United for a Better Community” is a new group of grassroots women in the Ayacucho Region at the South High Andean of Peru, recently created by Estrategia, a National Grassroots women's organization. The grassroots women require to be heard and get the support they need to live with dignity.        

Women United 

The event took place in the city of Lima and all the organizations formed came from the coast, mountains, and jungle of Peru. A number of 50 grassroots women leaders shared their work experiences and explained about the problems they have in their communities.


Grasssroots women from 13 districts from urban and rural communities were empowered to form the National Women's Federation to advocate for land and housing access rights, free from domestic violence.


The Peruvian constitution does not point out housing as a human right. In Peru, there is a deficit of 1.3 million houses. In the city of Lima, there are 600 settlements that suffer from lack of titling...


As a recognition of the work made in Chocos community, two indigenous women were selected to represent the Chocos community in the World Indigenous Women Conference at the end of October 2013...


Estrategia, Safe World Field Partner in Peru, helps grassroots women gain their land rights and build improved homes, with particular focus on resisting earthquakes.