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 Brazil, where a woman is killed every two hours, is imposing tougher punishments on those who murder women and girls, as part of a government bid to stem a rise in gender killings.


Feb 2014: The country of soccer is also known as a place in which 65% of its population believes that women wearing short clothes are responsible for being raped or sexually abused....


March 2013: The Brazilian boy band, New Hit, was formally accused for the rape of two teenage girls... but are free and performing in shows all over Brazil.


Brazilians make up most of the women trafficked in the world. Cristina was living in Manaus, Amazon, and lived for 8 months as a sexual slave in Rome. She came back to Brazil 7 years ago...



On 14th February, 2012 - Valentines Day, a group of men gang-raped five women, as a 'birthday gift' to one of the men, and murdered two of the women...


For Adriana Graciano, leaving her violent partner meant losing custody of her children to him, since she lacked both a job and a home. Now she is training as a bricklayer with Mão na Massa...


Fer Amaral talks to actress Monica Iozzi: "A soap opera, a book, a picture... can raise awareness in a very strong way to an issue that people did not see before, or never paid attention to, by touching their feelings..."


Fer Amaral speaks with hip hop artist Negra Li - "I witnessed and lived in violent situations which began in my own house; my father drank excessively. He was physically violent...."