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Nasim Azad, the mosque’s project manager, explains it is an important part of their faith. “The Koran tells us planting a tree is an act of charity because so many people, birds and animals benefit from it,” she says.


April 2011. Joanne Michele interviews Tanya Lokshina, Deputy Director of Human Rights Watch's Moscow office, about the murder of her best friend, award-winning Chechen human rights activist Natalya (Natasha) Estemirova.


March 2010: Janis Sharp tells Chris Crowstaff about her fight to prevent the extradition of her autistic son, Gary Mckinnon, to a high security prison in the USA...

deeyah honour killing and memini

Deeyah talks about her film: 'Banaz: A Love Story' - "It's about a young British Kurdish woman who was married at 16 to a man who was 10 or 11 years her senior. When she left her husband and found happiness by falling in love, she was murdered by her family..."


London school children talk to a boy worried for his brother’s life: “It upsets me knowing he’s in a gang.... He’s got good inside him, it’s just the environment he lives in that sends him towards gangs..."


London school children discuss sexual bullying: “Maybe it happens because their parents haven’t taught them to respect the opposite sex, or it’s because it’s easy to access porn on the internet..”


In 2008, Cheltenham (UK) was the centre of Operation Pentameter 11, a police crack-down on the trafficking of women from the Far East to work as prostitutes in the UK....

Janey Godley - Scottish Comedienne

Comedienne Janey Godley shares her story: "I got married too young to an even younger boy who never knew how to love without fear and violence. He came from a gangster background...."


By Dr Merryn Smith: "The message conveyed is that young women must be regulated and made docile... Surely the headlines should read 'teenage boys and men are out of control'?"