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Families of Desaparecidos

The Phillipine department of justice has found 'probable cause' to charge a retired army general with the abduction of two students activists missing since 2006

Protest Candon City

The widow of a church worker killed in Ilocos Sur six years ago renewed her call to President Noynoy Aquino for the reinvestigation of the case of her husband dismissed by the Provincial Prosecutor on mere technicalities and what rights advocates descdribed as “irregularities.”

MELINDA Bonayos holds up braided water hyacinth fiber. Photo by Rosa May de Guzman-Maitem

The Water Hyancith is blamed for clogging bodies of water the world over, and massive flooding.

However, for one enterprising woman and many others like her, it is provingto be a route to financial freedom.

Farming in Philippines

The president promised change, but the conditions of women and our families have worsened.

Women and our families have long been burdened by the crisis of poverty.

Light shining through bottle in house

"It's a big deal." "I can buy a kilo of rice, and even have fish with my meal.

Cecilia Flores Oebanda

Threat to end humanitarian assistance

As yet another news story emerges of Filipina men and women rescued from Human Traffickers, the US government warns it will end humanitarian assistance unless the Philippine government does more.

Meanwhile, Visayan Forum Foundation, a multi-award winning anti-human trafficking organisation, continues to gain respect and admiration, especially Founder and Director Cecilia Flores-Oebanda.