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Villagers watch the sunset over a small lagoon near the village of Tangintebu on South Tarawa in the central Pacific island nation of Kiribati. | REUTERS/David Gray

A young female poet from the Marshall Islands has been selected to address an audience including more than 100 heads of state at the opening ceremony of the U.N. secretary-general's climate change summit later this month.


In India a girl aged between one and five is 75 per cent more likely to die than a boy. It’s the worst under-five gender differential in the world...

Campaigners in Thailand and beyond are pushing to eliminate child sex trafficking | AFP

Some children in southeast Asia are trafficked into the sex trade by their families, but activists are fighting back.

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Nov 2012: 'APWLD has noted increasing attacks on women involved in the defence of more equal and just development. Women are often at the forefront...'

Aid agencies say some of the 300 child deaths caused by floods in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, could have been prevented by raising safety awareness and teaching children to swim.

An Indonesian protester shouts slogans as she holds a poster of Munir Said Thalib during a demonstration in Jakarta September 7, 2007, the third anniversary of his assassination. REUTERS/Dadang Triv

June 2011: Seven years ago, Suciwati Munir, Angkhana Neelapaijit and Padma Perera were ordinary women, housewives living in different corners of Asia. Then their husbands were snatched from their lives...


Jan 2011: By Clara Boxall - "The problem remains when there is a demand locally. Many NGOs and child protection agencies based in Asia or internally have ignored or overlooked this issue..."