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The majority of individuals and communities in Mukono are vulnerable, socially excluded and unable to enjoy and effectively claim their rights...


Ms Jalia Katusiime left her five-year-old daughter, Shammim Muhammed, with a neighbour. When she returned, both Shammim and Mr Muwunga, her neighbour, were missing.

Shammim’s decomposing body was later found, her two fingers chopped off, and her tongue plucked out. Her private parts were also missing.

Police arrested Mr Muwanga.. he later confessed that a witchdoctor had asked for the body parts in exchange for riches.


Dec 2012: By Rosebell Kagumire - "Ndagire’s story is not just one; it is that of very many women who have faced rape...Rape victims in Uganda find another harrowing process trying to get an offender prosecuted..."


Experts attribute Uganda’s high teenage pregnancy rate to peer pressure and insufficient sexual and reproductive health education for youth....


Equality Now: - 'In 2007, Sanyu, a 13-year-old blind, deaf and mute Ugandan girl, was raped and became pregnant as a result. 


January 23, 2010, was a very significant day for Abdu-Karim Kasozi. A day when a dream started to be realised.

Kasozi's vision was to set up a grassroots organisation - BAFNET, to help support and empower the orphans and older members of the communities.


Interview with Mirina Nanziri of EACO, a grassroots NGO in Uganda:

"Poverty-stricken families send their children to towns to look for employment... which in turn leads to incidences of sexual abuse and exploitation."


People’s mouths were padlocked shut, pregnant women’s bellies were sliced open...

People are still afraid to come here, even though the area has been completely safe for over five years now.


Gulu has now been safe for over five years...

But much work remains to be done, from rehabilitating former child soldiers, letting the wives of the rebels and their children know that it’s safe to come home, to providing artificial body parts to those who lost their lips, ears, fingers and limbs to the LRA.

A mid wife attending to a expectant mother in a health centre in Gulu, northern Uganda | Photo: Charles Akena/IRIN

A petition backed by over 50 NGOs and charging Uganda's government with failing to prevent the deaths of expectant mothers was thrown out by the constitutional court on 5 June, but the petition’s supporters plan to appeal.

The constitutional court argued that upholding the petition, which urges the government to boost health services, would have forced judges to wade into a political issue that was outside their jurisdiction.

Bafnet Uganda

The Impact of Climate Change on Women and Children in Central Uganda - Statement by BAFNET


The Impact of Climate Change on Women and Children in Mukono, Uganda - Statement by Empower and Care Organization (EACO)