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Patricia Parker

By empowering the women, and providing a wide spectrum of projects, we are lifting individual families out of poverty, and transforming whole communities long term... The goat loan is just one of many integrated projects... This includes providing midwives and first aid workers...

Ibrahim 3

Ruth Rendell took a personal interest and the children of Darur touched her heart...  She has campaigned successfully in the UK to eradicate female genital mutilation (FGM) - and she believed that the most effective way to achieve the in remote villages was for someone women knew and trusted to advise them.

Jalila Khamis Koko

Dec 2012: 'The Women Human Rights Defenders International Coalition is very concerned about Jalila Khamis Koko, who is held solely for her humanitarian work and for the peaceful expression of her views.'


Oct 2012: By Louise Hogan - The women human rights defenders of South Kordofan are truly operating with no protection whatsoever and yet they bravely continue with their work...


Slogans sprayed across walls in a dusty, working-class district of Khartoum are painted over but still convey their message: Sudan’s young opposition activists want to bring an Arab Spring to their country and end President Omar Hassan al-Bashir’s rule.

Prison-in-South Sudan

Four minors are among nine people who have been sentenced to death for a carjacking in Khour Baskawit in South Darfur. The case has raised fresh concerns over protection for children's rights in Sudan.

At 17, Ibrahim Shrief Yousef, is the eldest of the four children sentenced. Abdalla Abadalla Doud and Altyeb Mohamed Yagoup are 16 and Abdarazig Daoud Abdelseed is just 15 years old.



Amal Habbani

Amal Habbani, a Sudanese journalist who reported on the assault and rape of a political activist in January by the country’s security forces was sentenced to jail on Tuesday over her detailing of the incident.

Agnes Lasuba: Photo: Manyang Mayom/ Sudan Tribune

On 9 July 2011 the world witnessed the birth of a nation — South Sudan, Africa’s 54th country.

South Sudan’s Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare Agnes Lasuba talks about the country’s independence and what it means for women.

Southern Sudan is experiencing a rising sex trade as women come from Eastern Africa desperate to find ways to make money.

Girls Dancing in Sudan