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DR Congo


The murders of more than 250 men, women and children in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) Beni Territory in recent weeks have widely been blamed on an insurgency of Ugandan origin known as the Alliance of Democratic Forces-NALU (ADF-NALU).

A woman carries her baby as she leaves the village of Ngululu, 80 km north west of Goma

Oct 2013: For wome in DR Congo, the simple chores of getting food or fetching firewood are fraught with danger. Providing alternative cooking fuel could go a long way to curbing the scourge...


In July 2012, Neema Namadamu started a media training centre for women. Within months, the centre turned into an internationally recognized movement for peace in the DRC...


By Mayme Lefurgey -"The very reality of child rape is nearly unfathomable when considering the already vulnerable state of a child facing the instability and terrors of conflict...."


March 2013: By Louise Hogan - 'Women in Eastern DRC are hopeful of Mary Robinson's impact: "We always dream to see a woman who can speak for us here..."'

Gratitude Ntonda Mandiangu

June 2012: Standing before the sad cemeteries of rotting mangoes in the Bas-Congo region, Gratitude decided to start a business. Today she earns a living by giving the DRC’s wasted natural resources a second life.

Reporter John Sweeney and village children inspect the polluted Luilu river in Katanga province, Democratic Republic of Congo. | Photo: Observer

Glencore, the commodity and mining firm worth £27bn, stands accused in the Democratic Republic of Congo of dumping raw acid and profiting from children working 150ft underground.

The FARDC is unable to resupply its troops, leaving them to fend for themselves | Photo:Reuters

If mass rape was not a part of life before the conflict in the Congo, why is it endemic now? And more importantly, how can it be rooted out?

The UN Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict speaks out


Nov 2011: The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has one of the highest rates of rape in the world.... In North Kivu, one of the country’s most volatile provinces, officials say efforts to prosecute rapists are frustrated by flawed laws....

Dr Congo Tribunal

June 2011: Given the lack of confidence in the judicial system, many survivors choose to handle sexual assault allegations at the family level. This allows them to avoid the shame and stigma of publicity. But it also means some survivors must marry their rapists...


The competing militias fight for ownership of these precious and profitable minerals. To do this they do whatever it takes to drive out or control whole communities...

Pushing the Elephant

Interview with film-makers Beth Davenport and Elizabeth Mandel. The film documents the emotional reunion of Congolese mother, Rose, with her daughter Nagabire, a decade after being separated as result of the civil war.


DR Congo has immense natural resources. For years though, it has been at the centre of what has been described as 'Africa's world war'. A war that has made the life of women precarious....