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March 2013: By Louise Hogan - 'Women in Eastern DRC are hopeful of Mary Robinson's impact: "We always dream to see a woman who can speak for us here..."'


By Konda Delphine: As a teenager, I witnessed a lot of cases of breast ironing... It is not enough for Cameroon to ratify laws like CEDAW when one out of four girls experiences breast ironing...

Jalila Khamis Koko

Dec 2012: 'The Women Human Rights Defenders International Coalition is very concerned about Jalila Khamis Koko, who is held solely for her humanitarian work and for the peaceful expression of her views.'

Aya Chebbi

Nov 2012: By Aya Chebbi - "Unfortunately, as women we suffer from the same inequalities and gender based-violence everywhere in the world..."


Dec 2012: By Rosebell Kagumire - "Ndagire’s story is not just one; it is that of very many women who have faced rape...Rape victims in Uganda find another harrowing process trying to get an offender prosecuted..."


Experts attribute Uganda’s high teenage pregnancy rate to peer pressure and insufficient sexual and reproductive health education for youth....


Equality Now: - 'In 2007, Sanyu, a 13-year-old blind, deaf and mute Ugandan girl, was raped and became pregnant as a result. 


Nov 2012: Young women and men working as house help are finding support through new associations that negotiate contracts with employers and advocate for their rights....


Nov 2012. By Shireen Ahmed - "Black lesbian footballers not only have to fight against stereotypes in order to engage in football and but must face stigma and danger. The concept of “corrective rape” is brutal and unfathomable..."


Oct 2012: By Koketso Moeti - "For the Ramavhoya family, the culture of impunity for rape perpetrators... took away their daughter. The courts are failing to protect victims of sexual abuse in schools."


Oct 2012: With only one government school for the blind in Cameroon, blind students struggle to afford education. And girls face special challenges around education and sexual health...


Oct 2012: By Louise Hogan - The women human rights defenders of South Kordofan are truly operating with no protection whatsoever and yet they bravely continue with their work...


Oct 2012: By Koketso Moeti - "Recurring sentiment amongst male learners was, 'These girls want it. What do they expect us to think coming to school in such short skirts with no panties on?'"