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IWMF Interview with Martin Schibbye: “The Ethiopian authorities forced them [Reeyot and other jailed journalists] to witness the rendering of our verdict as if to say: ‘Look what we can do to these European guys … imagine what we can do to you!’”


Reeyot Alemu is currently serving a 5-year prison sentence in Addis Ababa on bogus terrorism charges. The International Women’s Media Foundation honored Alemu with its 2012 Courage in Journalism Award....


This article, first published in June 2011, is one of the last columns Reeyot Alemu wrote before her arrest on June 21, 2011. Reeyot Alemu is currently serving a 5-year prison sentence in Addis Ababa on bogus terrorism charges...

Christina Asima says she had no choice but to marry last year at age 12 to help care for younger siblings after her mother abandoned the family. But she says her husband was abusive, so she left him, and now must look after her 8-month-old son, Praise, alone.

"I was 12 years old when I got married to my husband," she explains softly. "My mom had run away, so I was forced to get married to help my other siblings."


Nov 2013: Reeyot Alemu is winner of the UNESCO Press Freedom Prize. She is serving a 5-year sentence. Reeyot's father, Alemu Gobebo, is also her lawyer. He is deeply concerned about his daughter...


In July 2012, Neema Namadamu started a media training centre for women. Within months, the centre turned into an internationally recognized movement for peace in the DRC...

Isaiah Marwa in his apiary

Marwa is among more than 1000 farmers in Kuria West who have abandoned tobacco farming, citing health and environmental reasons....


By Chi Yvonne Leina:  In the privacy of homes, behind closed kitchen and bedroom doors, pubescent girls in Cameroon are being tortured by their own mothers...


By Mayme Lefurgey and Lesley Gittings: "A sanitary pad candetermine if a girl stays in school. Most girls in Malawi don’t have access to safe and comfortable menstrual hygiene products..."


By Mayme Lefurgey -"The very reality of child rape is nearly unfathomable when considering the already vulnerable state of a child facing the instability and terrors of conflict...."


May 2013: By Koketso Moeti - "Police are the first point of call when reporting a crime –  something which further puts victims at risk, in South Africa. An increasing number of police officers are themselves being charged for rape..."


April 2013: By Koketso Moeti - "South Africa is blessed with an abundant supply of natural resources.. Yet most of South Africa’s public maternity wards do not have functional and essential equipment."


Ms Jalia Katusiime left her five-year-old daughter, Shammim Muhammed, with a neighbour. When she returned, both Shammim and Mr Muwunga, her neighbour, were missing.

Shammim’s decomposing body was later found, her two fingers chopped off, and her tongue plucked out. Her private parts were also missing.

Police arrested Mr Muwanga.. he later confessed that a witchdoctor had asked for the body parts in exchange for riches.