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Former child combatant

Nov 2015: "The Peuls had killed my uncles and I was ready to commit reprisals," said Josephine, now 14, sitting in a bright yellow dress under the shade of a mango tree in her school playground. "Our job as children was to decapitate the bodies of dead enemy soldiers."

Patricia Parker

By empowering the women, and providing a wide spectrum of projects, we are lifting individual families out of poverty, and transforming whole communities long term... The goat loan is just one of many integrated projects... This includes providing midwives and first aid workers...

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The failure of the international community to address and acknowledge the problem of child piracy is leading to serious children’s rights abuses, as they are continually recruited and used by pirate commanders for the same reason warlords recruit children to be soldiers: they are easier to manipulate and are seen as expendable by the groups which recruit them.


It is true that child marriage is more widespread in rural areas in Cameroon, but let’s not forget that there are also many child brides found in towns... The legal age for marriage in Cameroon for girls is 15 and 18 for boys – a law that is vigorously being fought against by human rights activists and the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment...

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Ruth Rendell took a personal interest and the children of Darur touched her heart...  She has campaigned successfully in the UK to eradicate female genital mutilation (FGM) - and she believed that the most effective way to achieve the in remote villages was for someone women knew and trusted to advise them.


According to Pontsho Pilane, a South African journalist at The Daily Vox, dealing with harassment is part of the job for female journalists... Pilane’s observations are not the only problems facing women journalists according to a report by Media Monitoring Africa (MMA)

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Julie Barton is a campaigner against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). She is currently in the process of setting up a nonprofit to support Action for Women and Children Concern in Somalia.


Olutosin Abedowale investigates: 'In actuality, FGM is a lucrative job that has discouraged many young men in the lineage of oloolas from pursuing formal education. Female genital mutilation is a huge business to some uneducated traditionalists in Nigeria...'


Olutosin Abedowale investigates: 'At Oke Ileri Church, the midwife... said that stopping FGM is a dangerous move against God... She warned that ending female genital mutilation is an avenue to make every female child go into prostitution.'


TRIGGER WARNING: Olutosin Abedowale visits practitioner of FGM in Oyo State, Nigeria... 'His clients hold him in high esteem and most of them refer to him as Agbomola, which means the saviour of a child. Baba Oloola boasted that there is no single girl whose genital is not mutilated in the community'


In Nigeria’s Delta State, elections for the post of governor are fast approaching. It is disconcerting and disappointing that women’s issues and rights are being consistently ignored and or trivialized by the candidates for this important office...

Bring Back our Grls Campaign

Parents of 200 Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by Islamist rebels in April said they were appealing directly to the United Nations for help after losing hope that the Nigerian government would rescue them.


To sell chalk in place of antibiotics, powder in place of anti-malaria drugs, or unsterilized water in place of adrenalin is clearly to sell death in return for profit... Professor Akunyili was a strong force in Nigerian politics... carrying on the baton of previous female politicians and role models, such as Mother Theresa, Aun Sung Suu Kyi, Janet Jagan and Indira Ghandi’s.