George-Brook-SchoolWYCF new school in George Brook - almost complete!

By Nick Mason, Sponsorship Manager, WYCF

April 2015.

Ebola Education Programme - Report

We have produced a short report on our recent Ebola Education programme, delivered in collaboration with Fight For Peace and 10 community-based organisations in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Thank you to Friends of Sierra Leone, Safe World for Women, and the many individual donors who made this possible.

Safe Places for Children

Our new school in George Brook [Safe Place in the Hills] is almost complete! We need to raise £1,500 to construct a toilet block, with separate units for boys and girls.

Building Trust International has delivered the final designs for A Safe Place on Stilts, our flood-proof school in Kroo Bay. With Ebola on the decline and the rainy season approaching, we're ready to start!

We are hiring a Project Support Officer and a part-time accountant in Freetown.

Pens for Kids have sent us 2,000 pens and pencils in anticipation of the re-opening of schools.


Safe-Place-on-StiltsA Safe Place on Stilts, Left Elevation - Designed by Building Trust International


The site conditions, the regularity of flood events and the varying quality of building materials available make this a risky project for us to undertake. However, with the rainy season approaching, the sight of our children learning in an outdoor space under a tarpaulin is a daily reminder of why A Safe Place on Stilts is so important.

The final design includes special features in the foundations, pillars, and flooring based on recommendations from experienced architects, engineers, construction and flood protection experts.

Our contractors and engineers in Freetown are a highly experienced local team, with a background of delivering private and public sector contracts under difficult conditions.

For daily updates when construction begins, follow our Twitter (@WYCF_SL) and Facebook feeds.

Also read: Building Safe Places for Children in Sierra Leone. May 2014.

Call to Action

We are looking for recent graduates, undergraduates, and masters students to volunteer in the schools. Specific tasks include:

  • Developing a needs assessment methodology.
  • Developing tools to measure and report on our impact.
  • Refining the business plan for the WYCF Home.


Write to for more info.

Our core funding reserves are low due to the decline in revenues from the WYCF Home (no volunteers visiting us due to Ebola!) - £50 pays for one teacher for one month.

Please be generous!