WYCF-Sports-DaySports Day in George Brook

By Nick Mason, Sponsorship Manager, WYCF

Learning from our partners - Improving school attendance and reducing violence

Fight-for-PeaceWYCF founder, Santigie Bayo Dumbuya, has returned from two weeks training in Rio de Janeiro with WYCF partners, Fight For Peace (FFP)

WYCF is one of the first NGOs in Sierra Leone to secure a place on the FFP Global Alumni Programme.

We will teach boxing and physical education (sports etc) to:

a) improve attendance rates in school; and

b) reduce violence among children both in and outside the school.

Sports Day

Sports Day in George Brook saw an exciting display of sporting prowess from the small hillside community. Boys and girls raced, hopped, jumped (and pushed) there way to victory!

Classes continue as usual...

Support from school girls in London!

A huge THANK YOU to the girls at Queen's Gate School in London, who raised an amazing £800 for WYCF.

I gave a presentation during morning assembly at Queen's Gate in early March, where about 80% of the girls voted to support the purchase and installation of a water collection and storage system for WYCF initiative, A Safe Place on Stilts.

First phase of school reconstruction begins

The team of five Developing World Connections (DWC) volunteers arrives in Freetown to assist with the first phase of the school reconstruction in George Brook.

Overseas university students to arrive next year!

Nine students from the University of Michigan have confirmed their participation in Summer School 2015.

WYCF couldn't be happier to start working with the volunteers to plan for the summer's activities.

Amazing support for marathon fundraising

Team WYCF's fundraising campaign for the Sierra Leone Marathon is flying!

We have received an AMAZING £7, 825. We are so close to our £10k goal so THANK YOU to all of our heroic donors (seriously, we are in awe at your generosity... it makes us quite emotional.

This is thanks to our partners, Street Child, who negotiated the deal with UK Aid Match to last from 15th March to 15th June.

Street Child started with a school for 100 children in 2009. They now have 20,000 children in school in Sierra Leone (and growing) and are expanding their operation to Liberia.

A call to action

If you only donate once to WYCF, please do it now. Your money will be doubled by DfID (and Team WYCF will run a marathon in 95% relative humidity!).

Come join us!

Work experience opportunity - 10hrs/week on social media, communications with architects, and developing a pipeline of funding opportunities.

Volunteer - join us in Freetown and stay in the WYCF Home.

Happy to be back in Freetown

WYCF-girlsPhoto by Sara."After being away for four long months I am finally back in Sierra Leone.

Following the usual excitment of getting from the airport to the stop-over with Santigie's family, to the ferry, to Freetown and to the WYCF Home - Santigie and I were home. I was exhausted but eager to head down to Kroo Bay. Breakfast eaten, energy restored and we were out the door.

In Kroo Bay, the familiar faces were warm with greetings and made me feel missed and yet it was like I had never left.

But the best part of all – my children.

Loving, energetic and entertaining as ever, spending an easy afternoon with them was all the relaxing I needed. Back home later that night I couldn’t be happier and couldn’t wait to be with them again the next day, and the next, and the next, and the next…"

Sara Portugal, Partnership Officer, WYCF.