Wurrie-KendaWurrie Kenda

By Nick Mason - Sponsorship Manager, WYCF

A Happy Story - Wurrie Kenda

Wurrie-Kenda-2Wurrie Kenda is 7 years old and has grown up in Kroo Bay without any primary school education.

A few months ago, her parents visited Mr. Kamara, Head Teacher, and asked if he would let their daughter attend the WYCF Kroo Bay Community School. We didn't have to think twice about this question -- she was welcomed with open arms.

Mr. Kamara placed Wurrie in class 1 because she had never been taught how to read or write. Two months later Wurrie moved up a class because she is learning so quickly.

It is children like Wurrie that make WYCF's school such a special place.


WYCF-kids-playingSuccessful meetings with our Kroo Bay Community Committee give WYCF confidence that we are starting to tackle essential primary school needs.

The classes in Kroo Bay continue to take place in a local church after having been ejected from our last school by an unfriendly landlord. The teachers, children, and parents persevere!

We have had several new chldren attending school in Kroo Bay - a sign of confidence in our schooling by Kroo Bay's parents.

A Safe Place on Stilts - Re-building the school in Kroo Bay

Marathon for Fundraising

Team WYCF are running the Sierra Leone Marathon in May for our project A Safe Place on Stilts - thanks to Lizzy McGregor, Ariana Murray-Wells, and Emma Philipps for joining the team!

WYCF, in partnership with Street Child, is receiving £1 for £1 match funding on all donations made until 15th June.

Preparing for Reconstruction

Builders have begun preparing for the reconstruction of the Temple of Faith Primary School in George Brook. Our construction partners are Developing World Connections. We start building on the 12th April!

In a recent Kroo Bay Committee Meeting, Santigie (WYCF founder) answered questions and listened to feedback on A Safe Place on Stilts. The committee members (including parents, elders and youth representatives) are eager for the work to carry on and were particularly pleased with the prospect of their children and friends having a safe place to learn in Kroo Bay.

A Call to Action

WYCF requires the help of dedicated funders to achieve the estimated budget of £31,300 for A Safe Place on Stilts - a total of £174 per child who will benefit.

Support our team in the Sierra Leone Marathon!

We need experts to assist us with the final implementation of A Safe Place on Stilts in Freetown in late 2014/early 2015.

We call upon individuals and organisations to reach into their networks and connect us with individuals or organisations who have expertise in the following areas:

  • Construction management
  • Engineering
  • Sanitation
  • Solar Power


Would you like to see the full project proposal for A Safe Place on Stilts? Please contact Nick Mason:

New Partnerships

Street Child

We are also are excited to announce a partnership with Street Child who are helping us with the fundraising for Team WYCF's Sierra Leone Marathon. In return, WYCF will welcome Street Child representatives into Kroo Bay to work with the most needy children.

Fight for Peace

WYCF is one of the first NGOs in Sierra Leone to be selected for partnership with the Fight For Peace 'Global Alumni Programme' involving 65 organisations in 25 countries.

The programme involves martial arts training for children to help increase school attendance rates and reduce illegal activites.

Supporters can change lives!

Thanks to the generosity and commitment of a dear friend in the UK, WYCF has started paying Mr. Kamara, Kroo Bay's head teacher, a respectable wage with which he can properly care for his family.

New teacher

We are also very pleased to announce that we have hired Salamatu Turay as our newest teacher in Kroo Bay.

Overseas Volunteers

A group of students from the Department of Engineering from Michigan University are volunteering with WYCF in August 2015.

In the Media

Two national newspapers, the Sierra Leone Telegraph and Awareness Times, have published articles praising our work in Kroo Bay.

Please consider donating to our appeal