George Brook children

The new school will be built from lime-stabilised rammed earth. A technology proven in other regions of the world including East Africa, rammed earth is a cost effective, strong, durable, and environmentally-friendly construction method...

WYCF 2015

Looking back at the impact of We Yone Child Foundation in 2015 - and forwards to plans for the year ahead - Holding the tenets of education, community development and sustainability to heart...

Kroo Bay floods

In September, Freetown suffered severe flooding. Kroo Bay was among the worst affected, with hundreds of families made homeless... We provided emergency relief to 350 people...

Ebola report

We Yone Child Foundation (WYCF) conducted an Ebola education programme in partnership with Fight For Peace (FFP), working with 10 community-­based organisations (CBOs), each operating in different slum communities in Freetown.... Crucially, this programme demonstrates  that CBOs can operate effectively together

June 2015 WYCF

The kids in George Brook are learning in their new school building, which just needs finishing touches... Our kids in Kroo Bay are also learning, but in very poor conditions. The Ebola crisis of the last 12 months affected our finances on two fronts...


Our new school in George Brook [Safe Place in the Hills] is almost complete! ... Building Trust International has delivered the final designs for A Safe Place on Stilts, our flood-proof school in Kroo Bay. With Ebola on the decline and the rainy season approaching, we're ready to start!


Kroo Bay has been hit hard by Ebola. One of the children who attends our school, Davida, is now an orphan. A total of 123 people are affected, 74 adults and 49 children.... WYCF is leading an Ebola education programme - this trusted network of CBOs has unique access to slum communities around Freetown.


Six of our children are under quarantine in their homes: Babah, Mary, Isatu, Mohamed, Ibrahim and Alie. This is the first, huge hit of our children under this dangerous Ebola disease. Despite all these circumstances, we continue to distribute toys and give our children meals.


"There are mixed feelings in our communities... People who were given soap by government health workers during the nationwide lockdown refused to use the soap for fear of it being injected with the Ebola virus." Santigie Bayo Dumbuya, Founder of WYCF.


In Sierra Leone, Ebola has hit hard. WYCF - together with Street Child - has been reaching out to children in the slums of Kroo Bay. 2,80 US$ per child has hepled keep over 250 alive, fed, and informed. However, the numbers of children in need are overwhelming!


School closures cause concern to parents. They tell Santigie that without school, their children will be drawn to gangs and prostitution. We are part of a coordinated national response to Ebola. We encourage as much support as possible for Street Child's Ebola Crisis Appeal.


We are overjoyed to announce that Team WYCF raised over £47,500 during their recent campaign – plus matched funding earned through Street Child's 'Every Child in School' campaign...