Compassion In Kenya


Compassion CBO

Compassion CBO, was formed to eradicate poverty through education and sustainable development among women living in the slums and rural areas of Kenya and to rehabilitate orphans and vulnerable children.

Survivors In DR Congo



COFAPRI is registered in Bukavu in the eastern Democratic Rupublic of Congo The organisation empowers women through encouraging income-generating activities such as the rearing of livestock.


COFAPRI members discuss widowhood and women's land rights in DRC:

"They took all they wanted. Next, they told me I had to marry the brother of my late husband; that is the culture here..."


Following the recent horrific murder of co-founder Farida Afridi, members are more determined than ever to continue to serve the local communities in the tribal regions of Pakistan.

Nearly 20,000 people have benefited from SAWERA's projects, especially women.


That Farida Afridi's work is going to save lives is beyond question, but what's more important is that it will go a long way towards making countless other lives worth living. None of that of course brings her own life back. But she hasn't lost, even as she lies underneath tons of dirt.


On the 4th of July 2012, Farida Afridi was travelling from her home near Peshawar to her NGO office.

She was under no illusion that a simple daily journey to work could cost her life. Tragically, on that fateful day, this risk became a reality...

In Khyber Agency, where the murder took place, however, this shooting has been largely ignored.


When an unprecedented amount of rain fell in Pakistan in 2010, and caused devastating floods, the disaster was headline news. 

One locally based NGO immediately rushed into action to help...


"We know how to make peace, but our leaders never ask us.

We suffer more than men and yet, we did not start the war and we do not even know why it is there and who brought it."


15-year-old Mary Anjala has a hole in her heart.  She is a very intelligent girl, but due to her health condition, she is not able to concentrate on her studies.

New life supported her and provided medicines and healthy food...


New Life is proud to share that we participated in the NGO India 2012....

The products made by our members from the gypsy community were exhibited and sold there by the women who represented their community.