Compassion In Kenya


Compassion CBO

Compassion CBO, was formed to eradicate poverty through education and sustainable development among women living in the slums and rural areas of Kenya and to rehabilitate orphans and vulnerable children.

Survivors In DR Congo



COFAPRI is registered in Bukavu in the eastern Democratic Rupublic of Congo The organisation empowers women through encouraging income-generating activities such as the rearing of livestock.


Both schools are in small communities in rural, cattle-farming districts.

I told the children in south-west England about my visit to the school in north-east Uganda, and brought along letters from their new friends.


Ubaidullah is very happy:- "Even my little sister can now carry water from here to the house. Even in our school, a hand pump has been constructed, so now we don’t have to go out of school in the sun to drink water.

This water is cold and clean and it doesn't need to be run through cloth to remove dirt...”


One of the commitments of COFAPRI is to break stigma and silence around rape and domestic violence. This will help to eradicate the culture of violence that has taken deep roots in DRC rural remote villages where we currently work. The women in these villages experience horrendous poverty and human rights infringement on large scale...


Sept 2012: The aftermath of the summer 2010 floods continues to affect thousands of families across Pakistan.

Access to safe and clean drinking water has been a high risk issue, especially for women and children. Due to unsafe drinking water, health issues occurred, and a number of diseases have spread throughout Pakistan.


In South Kivu, DRC, there are thousands of children born from conflict rape.

Bahati Valérie spoke with some of the mothers:

"We must love our children; they are our children in their innocence."


People in the remote DRC villages, particularly in South Kivu, have a strong belief in sorcery and witchcraft.

Hence they believe that, when people have contracted AIDS, they have been bewitched. This is why they reject going to hospitals for medical checks.


Life is so beautiful but it is also full of sorrow....

As I recall the moments I had spent with Farida, one question remains on my mind: how is it possible for us to carry-on after the death of someone close to our hearts and lives?


My vision is to bring together all the women in the world –  unite us in sisterhood, regardless of race, background and culture.

Women are powerful. Women are an intrinsic part of every nation’s identity and destiny.