Compassion In Kenya


Compassion CBO

Compassion CBO, was formed to eradicate poverty through education and sustainable development among women living in the slums and rural areas of Kenya and to rehabilitate orphans and vulnerable children.

Survivors In DR Congo



COFAPRI is registered in Bukavu in the eastern Democratic Rupublic of Congo The organisation empowers women through encouraging income-generating activities such as the rearing of livestock.


Farida Afridi was a brave woman - a women's rights and peace advocate. She belonged to a very poor and marginalized family, but she was committed to social change and economic emancipation for women from the platform of SAWERA....


The recitation of the Holy Quran is connected with the first anniversary of the death of Farida Afridi, the co-founder of SAWERA, which took place on 4th July 2013.

She was the first woman in our region to take the initiative for women’s rights....


SAWERA's Emergency Livelihood Assistance project for vulnerable conflict-affected internally displaced persons continues, despite difficulties over the past year, including the bombing of the organization's facilities in March 2013, and the assassination of its co-founder, Farida Afridi, in July 2012...


“I want my story to be heard in the most remote of areas.  Where Persons Living with HIV/AIDs (PLWHA) are still stigmatized. I want people to know that when you are HIV, you are just like any other human being,” Mama Commy tells Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo.


FGM is common in remote rural areas and in the slums, where poverty and illiteracy is high...

Once a girl has undergone FGM, she is regarded as an adult and can enter into early marriage. Many health issues result from FGM, such as greater risk of maternal mortality, HIV, tetanus and urinary tract infections.


Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo talks to Mama Pekokeh: "Imagine, a village old woman like me having lived all my life in the village, and can neither read nor write, is now a symbol of hope to many grassroots women and men...


COFAPRI is committed to helping women and girls survivors of rape and domestic violence that is rampant in the DRC due to repetitive wars...

Co-founder Bahati has taken some sewing courses and shares her skills with members in the villages.


"The way you see me here is the way I am every day: no shoes, no food, nothing.

I see other children going to school, but me – not. My mother is poor. But I heard you are helping people around here; I will tell my mother to come and me, too, I will come, ok?"