Compassion In Kenya


Compassion CBO

Compassion CBO, was formed to eradicate poverty through education and sustainable development among women living in the slums and rural areas of Kenya and to rehabilitate orphans and vulnerable children.

Survivors In DR Congo



COFAPRI is registered in Bukavu in the eastern Democratic Rupublic of Congo The organisation empowers women through encouraging income-generating activities such as the rearing of livestock.


I can see the changes, not only in Pakistan but globally, regarding female education and empowerment... a new world will soon be realised, where females will have full wisdom with their basic rights, as now they are getting information and awareness about their importance within society.


I have realized many Cameroonians... have never come across the world 'feminism'. Educating men on the negative effects of patriarchy to men, women and our society (any society) will help them see the importance of feminism...


When I heard about the 5-year-old girl who raped by a gang in Lahore I was crying.. my little sister was with me... she asked me again and again: “Why are you crying and what happened?”

But my answer was just silence, just silence. What should I say and what not?


Beatrice Grandma has abandoned the FGM culture and refused to allow her seven grandchildren to undergo FGM, following visits by Compassion CBO volunteers in Nithi County, Kenya...


Sept 2013: Zonziwoh Mbondgulo interviews Namondo Alice: "They may suppress me. They minimize me as a woman... But I won’t be silent. I will speak so that the whole world knows what is in the heart of men in power..."


This past Spring, WFAC sent out over 900 SMS, urging the public to take a personal commitment to end violence against women and girls in their community, home, and society.

We received over 50 replies, all postive, in the form of text messages, personal feedback, and telephone calls...


There are many Malala’s out here in Cameroon and other regions of the world today --many young girls who are going through so many challenges just to go to school... Together let us join forces in helping these girls become the change that we want to see in the world.


"Many women have been raped here in the eyes of their relatives and friends around. Some of them have children now and others have got ‘sina dawa' (AIDS)..."