Standing Up for Women

COFAPRI Update, March 2011

Looking After Battered Women

One woman of our community,  Nshobole Furaha, from the village of Kalango, was seriously battered by her husband. 

She received an injury on her face from him.

Nshobole went to her husband’s home, as this is what the Congolese customs dictate.  

COFAPRI helped her reach the hospital where she got treatment, and medical fees were supported by COFAPRI, as this was not a big amount.

Nshobole was accused of having another man. When we were informed about the issue, we made an investigation and we found that she had no other man except the one who battered her.

This husband had not even paid the dowry to his in-laws. COFAPRI tried to reconcile them and now they are living together again.

Democratically Elected Representative Arrested

We have elected a representative from each group in each village among the six villages that we cover up to now.

COFAPRI has now a democratically elected representative in Nyangezi. He will manage the activities of the six groups that are scattered in six villages.

This man who was elected was recently temporarily arrested for allegations that he was causing women to revolt against their husbands, and girls against their parents. We have since  managed to secure his release.

Also, COFAPRI bought a telephone for easy contact with the elected representative in Nyangezi.

Women in Majority Among Recruits

COFAPRI has recruited other 20 new members among whom 16 women. In addition,  we have offered three additional pigs to three new groups of women located in different village.

COFAPRI has organized its first ordinary meeting since it was created in November 2009.

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