International Women's Day 2011 in DR Congo

COFAPRI Joins The World To CelebrateThe Centenary of International Women's Day

By Mugisho Theophile, Safe World DRC Correspondent and founder of COFAPRI

Every year, on March 8, the world celebrates  International Women's Day.

Hope for the future

The day of today is great throughout the world.  Women in particular, and the world, in general, are celebrating the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day.

On this date, around the world, thousands of events are being held in recognition for all the progress women have made over the years.

This gives us hope and inspires us to strengthen our motivation for pushing even further.

Victims of violence gather together at school

COFAPRI members did not lag behind this great and wonderful event.

They gathered at Munya village, in a primary school known by the name of EP Ngomo.

This school is managed by a lady who, to show her strong support to our activities, offered the meeting members one room in which they organised their activities for today.

On their agenda, they discussed the difficult moments that DRC women and their daughters have been – and are still going through, regarding the violence caused by wars and also domestic violence.

Violations continue as perpetrators go free

Both of these kinds of human rights abuses are never punished in the DRC.

Some of the perpetrators who are known have never been taken to justice – and if they are, a few days later they are said to have fled jail.

The danger that is there is that when the victim meets her abuser, her emotions change into strong hatred, but can do nothing.

These were the main issues these people discussed.

They did discuss the issue of women rights in general, but they could not neglect talking about nature conservation.

They decided that they should do something to show that they are interested in the environment.

We are waiting for them to tell us what they will do in this area.