Bahati Valérie talks about her work in her homeland, DR Congo:

The area in which most of our members live is a war zone. The fighters live there as they dig minerals that are used to nurture more violence in the country.


"Some of these women and girls were obliged to engage in sex in order to save the lives of their husbands...

There were men and boys who were obliged, gun to their heads, to rape their own children or relatives."


Bahati Valérie tells of COFAPRI's plans for a co-ed school in DR Congo, focusing on human rights and development...


"I am originally from Bukavu, in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), but currently based in Kigali, Rwanda. 

Currently, the DRC is a very dangerous place, particularly for women and girls...

I walk long distances to reach these women as there are no roads in the DRC villages, and there is always the risk of meeting rebels and fighters along the way."


"COFAPRI aims to give the women and the girls of the Democratic Republic of Congo DRC a voice in order to promote human rights...

The idea of founding this project was nurtured in November 2009...The inspiration came from the contact we were having with Safe World for Women."