COFAPRI-kids-8Girl born of rape, in DR Congo. Photo: COFAPRI (c)

By Mugisho Ndabuli Theophile, Founder/Exec. Director, COFAPRI

It breaks my heart

I can’t believe what my eyes see

My ears are blocked by hearing the injustices done to women and girls

My legs wobble because this is too heavy

This bleeds my heart.

It breaks my heart

To see raped women and girls are not given justice

That my neighbor woman and girl cannot read or write

Because the job of a woman is the kitchen

This is disheartening.

It breaks my heart

To learn that husbands and fathers

Beat their wives and daughters

Simply because they are females

This is rebelling.

It breaks my heart

As women are socially discriminated based on gender

They cannot eat some food as it is just for men

They cannot reach hospital when pregnant

This is unfair.

It breaks my heart

As children cannot go to school by lack of fees

Walk bare feet and chest in this 21st century

Hardly eat a meal a day due to poverty

This must be addressed jointly.

It breaks my heart

As women and girls who are victims of rape and domestic violence are blamed

And are never involved in seeking long lasting peace

Let’s all raise our voices to help them to be involved

This is unacceptable.

It breaks my heart

To listen to women who were raped,

To their heartbreaking stories

And those of their fatherless children

This gives fever.

It breaks my heart

To hear that some men consider women as objects

And that some communities support this

By promoting women and girls cutting and trafficking

This must end.

It breaks my heart

As some women and girls are thrown in jails unfairly

Others punished for denouncing man’s violence to them

And even removed physically

This is unbearable.

It breaks my heart

As there exist discriminatory cultures

They hinder women’s rights and development.

But give it all to men

This must be rooted out.

It breaks my heart

As some women have studied

But denied rights to work

They are not paid as men and are refused work in decision-making institutions

This is purely unfair and odious.

Bringing Light

However, it gives me heart and pride

To be part of Safe World for Women

Who are addressing with commitment

All kinds of evils committed to women in the world

This is hopeful.

I can see a bright future for women and girls

Thanks to Safe World

As she works closely with her local women grassroots organizations

Present on the five continents.

Let you and me stand jointly and abreast to do something

This is really motivating.


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