Safe Spaces

Increased security helps women become self-reliant and less financially dependent on their husbands. This improves the situation for the whole family and also means the women are less vulnerable to abuse.

Towards womens empowerment

It remains very important within communities for men and boys to be educated regarding the rights of women and girls, including their proper, fair and respectful treatment. When the women and girls become empowered, it is the whole community that benefits.

Children at risk

The situation has been appalling for quite some decades.... Without education, boys will likely join the militia and the outcome will be that new wars will occur. Many of the girls will become involved in selling their bodies for survival...

DR Congo village

'Now things are OK, as you welcomed me among you here... now I am well, with all my children. All of them are going to school thanks to your generosity. I am also making some cash now in the centre here... I can now smile and laugh.'