WFAC Cameroon Updates

The first edition of the Women for a Change Magazine is now available.

In most parts of our society, the word “Feminism” still remains a bitter pill for so many people to swallow, however, to Wfac’s college SRHR Peer educators, the ‘F’ word is about change, empowerment of all and transforming lives.

WFAC six years

It's hard to believe that WFAC is already 6 years old. Looking back and counting our accomplishments and impact of our work on the lives of youth – especially women and girls, I feel more than proud and humbled at the number of lives touched, empowered, and saved.

Youth Day

On International Youth Day we celebrated our activism, participation and involvement in the post 2015 process. Let’s continue every day to build on more momentum, as well as using our Youth Power to galvanize and with positive pressure for an integrated and inclusive approach..

FfD3 Summit

I was honoured to represent WFAC Cameroon at the third FfD3 Summit. Of all the discussions, I was particularly interested in tax justice and domestic resource mobilization...  especially to see how politicised tax discourses were being addressed at the global level...