ZoneziwohZoneziwoh MbondguloWomen for a Change Cameroon (WFAC) was formed in October 2009, to respond to the need to promote and protect the Cameroonian young women's human rights, and to support, connect, and encourage women to work together to create a caring communtiy, cutting across the gender barriers and constraints.

WFAC Cameroon was founded by Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo, to help and empower young women and girls, and especially students.

It was formally recognised, by the University of Buea, as a campus-based association, on the 26th November 2009. The reason for choosing the university milieu was twofold:

1. The Buea community has a high proportion of university students
2. A lot of community-based works focuses on the society and rarely on the students in particular.

Meanwhile, these sets of people are central to bringing about change in the community. Given that a university is seen to be that ‘temple of wisdom’ which nurtures ethical citizens and outstanding professionals -  it is imperative therefore that students especially become a positive role model for society.

WFAC Cameroon has, since then, gone on to break waves, changed lives and restored hope to many young people, female students in particular. WFAC Cameroon has been a source of inspiration to young women. For example, through WFAC Cameroon, over five young women have led leadership programs and created youth groups.

Through its training seminars, leadership discussions, and HIV and gender advocacy programs, it has successfully reached out to tens of hundreds of young people in the community (as well as the online global/local audience).

Projects include:

  • Peer-to-peer educational talks and advocacy on HIV/AIDs preventive care, gender-based violence and human rights on basic, regional, and international instruments.
  • SMS bundle for change: WFAC uses sms messages to raise awareness on the status of women and girls in the community.
  • Online advocacy on the social networks, which connects both the local and global audience.