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Thare Machi Education

Area served: Worldwide
Leamington Spa
Telephone: +44 (0)1926 422711
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Thare Machi Education spread basic health education throughout the poorest communities of the world with our interactive DVDs and online lessons, free of charge.

Main Focus

  • Child Rights
  • Education
  • Health
  • Human Trafficking
  • Training & Skills

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Kids look at DVD

What We Do

Thare Machi Education aims to:

  • Help women and children in the developing world achieve their potential and enable them to have more choice
  • Pioneer new, robust, simple teaching technologies at village level
  • Provide access to basic education in the local language
  • Work with local partners

And through these measures to:

  • Reduce the numbers of women and children in forced labour or having to resort to prostitution
  • Reduce the HIV infection rates, particularly amongst women and children
  • Relieve disability amongst children and young people
Education saves lives – it’ssimple
(registered charity number: 1080131)

Thare Machi office

Our Team

The people below are the essential team that help spread TMEs reach and keep the charity running. The 'Office Team' are the core group who do the day-to-day ins-and-outs of running the charity, while the 'Trustees' are there to help with the big decisions.

Office Team

Rachel Butt – Director
Rachel has worked in the overseas development sector for 20 years and now looks after the running of the UK office on a day-to-day basis, as well as supporting the partner organisations who use our lessons and working to find potential new users for the DVDs. She is our main voice on Twitter and Facebook, using social media to spread the word about TME.

Kay Bugg – Financial Manager
Beth Manship – Office Administrator
Paul McCall – Authoring Associate
Mary Briggs – Office Support Associate
Tom Clarke – Technical Manager
Sarah Clarke – Associate


Helen Taylor Thompson (Founder)
Helen has had a very varied career, which isn’t over yet by any means! Having run various businesses she became involved with the health service in London and founded Mildmay Hospice for AIDS patients in London. Through her work at Mildmay she saw the devastation that AIDS was causing in Africa, so she founded Thare Machi Education.

Tracy Stanbury is the company secretary.
Stephen Clarke
Andrew Croft
John Hacker
Simon Mabley
Pastor Forbes Madziya
Olu Olasode

Thare Machi dvd

DVD's and Online Lessons

Thare Machi Education uses DVDs and online lessons to inform and educate the viewer on a range of important topics that can help improve their own lives, and the lives of others around them.

Using instructive images and a narrator, they give 20-minute lessons which cover the basics of each topic, as well as causes and prevention.

The viewer is able to test themselves in between lessons with an interactive question and answer section, and again at the end of the DVD with an interactive quiz.

The lessons are accessible to anyone. The viewer does not need to be able to read or write; they just have to listen to the instructions in their own language and press the simple-to-use buttons on either the DVD player or computer keyboard.

The DVD lessons are ordinary DVD-R discs and will also play on laptops and computers provided there is DVD playing software installed. Windows media player will not play them properly as it cannot handle the interactivity. For more information on how to play the online lessons, click here.

DVD's are available in 57 Languages
To check availability in your language click here

Online Lessons are available here

Current Subjects

Avoiding Malaria
Basic Hygiene
Becoming a Man
Becoming a Woman
Bednets Can Save Lives
Beware of Landmines
Caring For Someone With AIDS
Dangers of Alcohol
Dangers of Smoking
Having an HIV Test
Healthy Eating
High Blood Pressure
HIV/AIDS: A Guide For Children
How to Take Your HIV Medicine
Human Trafficking
Living With HIV
Looking After Your Teeth
Making Compost
Planting Trees is Good!
Safe Water
Safer Sex For Teenagers
Say No to Glue and Drugs
TB Can Be Cured
TBA Skills - Pregnancy
When to Have a Baby
You and Your New Baby