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WAKE (Women’s Alliance for Knowledge Exchange)

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WAKE (Women’s Alliance for Knowledge Exchange) partners with women's rights organizations globally, leveraging technology and women technologists, to amplify their work.

Main Focus

  • Networking
  • Training & Skills

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WAKE’s mission is to inspire, connect and mobilize allies for the social and economic empowerment of women and girls globally.

WAKE invests in high-impact, innovative women’s organizations. We link these “WAKE Partners” to technology, mentors, trainings and networks that enable them to accelerate their impact and scale their work.

WAKE Partners are leading the charge in their communities to address issues impacting women and girls, including gender-based violence, access to healthcare and education, political participation, environmental protection and economic empowerment.

Why we do it

We know that women around the world are leading fantastic initiatives in their own communities. We strongly believe that linking innovative, driven local leaders with technology tools, each other and a global and local support network will help Partners to collaboratively and more effectively scale their efforts to improve lives of women and girls.

How we do it

WAKE leverages technology, technologists and experts in a range of fields to maximize results for local Partners.

WAKE Teams

WAKE connects Partners to custom-built teams of Advisors, comprised of technologists and business, and organizational development experts based in the U.S. and in-country. WAKE and the team work together with Partners to assess their needs and design a plan to effectively integrate and leverage technology and other tools and resources.

WAKE Partners gain expertise in topics such as fundraising, social media, business and mobile technology. Armed with new tools and skills Partners expand their reach and amplify their work.

WAKE Learning Hubs

The spirit of giving back is at the heart of WAKE’s work. To create a multiplier effect, WAKE Partners work with their teams to establish Learning Hubs for women and girls, and the organizations that serve them. From basic computer skills to app development, to advocacy, social media and design, WAKE Learning Hubs will be centers of learning, innovation and collaboration.


In 2016, WAKE will bring leaders representing Partners, along with their teams, together for a “WAKE-A-THON” to share their learnings, participate in advanced workshops, and innovate solutions to social issues in a hackathon for good. Teams will co-design plans for scaling Partners’ mission-driven work, deepening their impact and supporting the growth of Learning Hubs as social enterprises.