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Mohmand Community for Education and Development

Area served: Pakistan
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Telephone: +92-91-5201921


Mohmand Community for Education and Development (M.CED) is a non-governmental, non political organization and a network of CBOs, striving for the development of oppressed and marginalized communities in KPK and FATA of Pakistan.
M.CED was elected to serve as CRM (Child Rights Movement) Provincial Secretariat KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), Pakistan, for the year 2015.

Main Focus

  • Advocacy
  • Child Rights
  • Education
  • Funding
  • Health
  • Poverty
  • Training & Skills

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Community session organised for women

M.CED is a non-political and non-profitable organization and a network of CBOs and CECs in FATA. M.CED works with the oppressed and marginalized communities living in the remote rural areas of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and rural areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) through short-term as well as long-term development initiatives set up in close consultation with local people.

M.CED aims to promote basic education, especially female, to reduce poverty by providing employment opportunities and bring about long lasting changes in their lives by facilitating the process of empowerment and sustainable community development.

Established in 1996 the CSO mobilized its own resources and funded a number of activities on self help basis. It's first intitiative was  the establishment of  “Mohmand Public School & College” at Mohmand Agency to provide modern and basic education to local children.

This lead to a series of Education programmes in Bajaur and Mohmand agencies along with basic health, livelihood and Civil Rights projects.

M.CED has 12 staff and about 97 teachers working in Community-Based Schools for Girls.

M.CED was elected to serve as CRM (Child Rights Movement) Provincial Secretariat KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), Pakistan, for the year 2015.


M.CED envisions a model society of sustainable social and economic development.


M.CED is working for the establishment of a peaceful, self-sufficient and model society ensuring equal opportunities of growth, education and health for all segments of the society, and is characterized by youth and women empowerment and social sector development.


To make sustainable contributions for improved living standards, protection of basic human rights and peace in FATA & KP.

Field Offices

BECS Khwajaous Kor, P.O. & Tehsil Ekka Ghund
Mohmand Agency – FATA – Pakistan
Phone: +92-924-311369

Mohmand Public School & College
P.O. Mian Mandi Tehsil Ghallanai, Mohmand Agency – FATA
Phone: +92-924-233066 / +92-924-233077

Innayat Kalay, P.O. & Tehsil Khar Bazar – Bajaur Agency – FATA
Phone: +92-924-233066 / +92-924-233077


Mohmand Community for Education & Development (M.CED) was established in 1996, and registered on August 12, 1998 under Societies Act XXI 1860 (Reiteration No. 2468/5/2766) and on 4 December 2013 with Directorate of Social Welfare – FATA under Social Welfare, Women Empowerment, Zakat and Usher.

It was set up in response to an urgent need expressed by general community, parents, students for a forum to address their basic rights of    Education; it is a participatory development initiative focusing on the active involvement of the rural communities especially parents and students.

M.CED works in the rural communities of Federally Administrated Tribal Areas (FATA) and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) where education, health and socioeconomic facilities are either non- existent or dysfunctional and the poor and the EVIs are marginalized. M.CED in 2013 Strategic Planning (2013-2015) revised its mission and vision. The first strategic planning was conducted in 2010 with support of FATA-CBP / USAID.

M.CED is one of the pioneer organization in FATA-Mohmand and currently works in around 142 villages accros Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA. The organization served by three field offices, one regional office in the programme target areas. Keeping in view the volatile and insecure situation of the target area / region and on other hand its fiercely defended culture is marked by a deep     commitment to Religious and a strong distrust of the West, M.CED being locally grounded   organization, measure its effectiveness and impact with the ability to understand the local conetxt, culture, norms, traditions, respond to the changing local needs and involve the local community as its partners in the form of a “Mohmand Advocacy Network – comprised of 32 CBOs” and CECs – Community Education Committees.

To do this it has evolved a distinctive , participative style of work that ensure the active    involvement of the community , particularly women and children , and a focus on the needs these disadvantaged groups for education, Health care , Civil Rights and income generation. All M.CED’s work is inspired by the values of religious and keeping with the democratic principles of the Constitution of Pakistan and the Internationally recognized human rights, humanitarian principles and international laws.

Thematic Areas

M.CED has a long term policy towards education program which contribute to the second goal of MDGs.
The main components of education are two components i.e. primary education and adult literacy to accelerate the rate of literacy in FATA. From the time of establishment M.CED is running community schools which educate 5000 students.

We focus on creating awareness, building capacity of the Female Health Workers on population welfare, Primary Health Care, Reproductive Health Care, HIV/AIDs and basic health services largely to the inaccessible poor women.

MCED conducted Free Eye Camps in collaboration with Islamic Relief and Medical Free Camp with Action Aid Pakistan, to enhance the health condition of the area and awareness regarding vital diseases. While for rehabilitation disability, MCED has established two Disabled Center in Mohmand And Bajaur Agencies.

Sustainable Livelihood
Establishment of Women Skill centers to empower the women of marginalized community

  • Capacity building of the local farmers on agricultural practices
  • Encouraging local models of equitable and sustainable agriculture
  • Capacity building of the local farmers on the water use
  •  Encouraging local agriculture practices to reduce costly agricultural inputs
  • Building partnership with the local Farmer Organizations
  • Assisting the local communities in conservation of natural resources
  • Discouraging the communities on commercial cropping
  • Information and experience sharing with the local farmers
  • Capacity building of the communities on livestock management
  • Providing opportunities to the local farmers for addressing social and economic issues effecting their lives

Civil Rights
M.CED believes in equal rights of men and women and struggling against GBV to ensure equality in gender. Special education centers for children with disabilities and orphans to ensure right of access to basic education. Advocacy seminars on Swara custom in FATA.

M.CED established Child Protection centers for the street children and children suffered from natural or man-made disasters to ensure their continuous learning. Awareness campaigns, seminars and community sensitization on child sexual abuse in M.CED basic community schools, Govt Primary and Middle schools and with child labors in rural areas of FATA.

Strong advocacy seminars on black law Frontier Crime Regulation (FCR) and access to justice to ensure equal rights.

Capacity building trainings and workshops conducted for FATA CBOs network in Peshawar on, Human Rights and democracy and advocacy and lobbying to sensitize and aware them in the light of MDGs set for Pakistan and to advocate the voices of Pashtoon community generally and especially of FATA.