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Kids for Kids

Area served: Sudan
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Kid for Kids helps children the world has forgotten, children in Darfur, Sudan, who live lives of inexcusable and unimaginable hardship.

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Beneficiary family and young goats

Kid for Kids helps children the world has forgotten, children in Darfur, Sudan, who live lives of inexcusable and unimaginable hardship.

KIDS FOR KIDS was launched in Khartoum, Sudan on 8th March 2001 - just three days after Patricia Parker MBE had returned from Darfur and seen for herself the conditions in which children were living.

“My son, Alastair and I met a little 9 year old lad in the middle of the desert, who was walking 7 hours to reach water and then carry it back to his family. This is intolerable for anyone, and unacceptable for a child - and worse, when you realise that not only were the aid agencies there, they knew and were doing nothing about it. Someone had to.”

Patricia, who founded KIDS FOR KIDS, now works full time to raise awareness of the problems facing children in Sudan, and showing how their lives can be improved in simple yet effective ways. 

"If we can tell people about the conditions in which children are being forced to live - and show the way to a solution - to everyone, from the highest in Government to the smallest child at school, as we are trying to do in England - then we will be able to transform people's lives".

Help for families


KIDS FOR KIDS aims is to help people to help themselves.

"We do not believe in charity, and nor do people want it. What they want to do is to be able to look after their own children themselves – the same as any parents anywhere in the world. But when you have nothing, how can you survive?"

 We provide water, we lend 6 goats to a family, donkeys, health care, veterinary care, improved farming techniques, long term change to the environment through an extensive three planting project, and much more.



One little goats costs £38, 6 for a family just £228 to transform their lives forever.

No family can survive without a Donkey but no family can afford £60 - that is all it takes to make a life changing difference in Darfur

KIDS FOR KIDS lends 6 goats to a family for 2 years - providing milk for the children, and forming the nucleus of a little flock. They agree not to sell the KIDS FOR KIDS goats and they sign an undertaking to care for them in trust - but the kids are theirs.

After 2 years they pass on 6 first born offspring to another family in need. 



"There is no aspect of life in Darfur which a little donkey does not transform. "If the little 9 year old lad had had a donkey for his lonely 14 hour journey not only would he have had a friend with him, but a donkey can carry 4 jerry cans, a small boy, just one.

He would have been able to go to school with the time saved. In many villages a donkey will return home on his own, laden with water - an "automatic" donkey, helping in his way to make life a little more tenable.

And a donkey will take a young girl to hospital to have her baby - or a grandmother to market to buy food for her grandchildren.

They are gentle, patient and when Dr Andrew Crawford, Chief Veterinary Director of The Donkey Sanctuary visited Darfur with Patricia Parker he said "I will come whenever you want - not one has even attempted to bite me or to kick".

Clean Water Access


Kids for Kids provides and repairs handpumps, and funds simple filtration methods. Fencing keeps animals to where it is safe for them to drink.



Kids for Kids has planted 460,000 drought resistant trees. This small moringa grow quickly in the desert. All the trees panted provide a means of a livelihood - from pesticides, to fruit, medicines and even henna for celebrations! Most important of all, they hold back further dessertification.

Health Care

Kids for Kids provides training for village midwives and First Aid Workers.



Kids for Kids recently opened a kindergarten in Abu Nahla

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UK actress Joanna Lumley talks about the work of Kids for Kids.

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