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Blossom Trust

Area served: India
Tamil Nadu
Telephone: +91 4562 269 236
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Blossom is a non-profit organization founded in 1993 in Tamil Nadu, committed to improving the welfare of society's most vulnerable groups

Main Focus

  • Advocacy
  • Child Rights
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Health

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About the Blossom Trust

Blossom facilitates a process where marginalized groups can become self-sufficient in improving their health, environmental, economic and social needs.

To achieve this, we work in partnership with other actors in the spirit of art, culture and community.

The result is a flourishing community of Blossom-sponsored programs, all dedicated to providing care and creating opportunities for those among us who are most vulnerable.

Active in the Virudhunagar and Kanchipuram districts in Tamil Nadu, Blossom’s objective is to ensure communities have greater access and control over their resources.

Blossom specializes in fostering projects that create sustainable Community Based Organisations (CBOs). We have nurtured projects, such as the Paneer HIV+ Women’s Network and Rainbow TB Forum, both of which are now independent legal entities, although still closely connected with Blossom, with  membership numbers in the hundreds.

Our programs include:
Campaign for Education, Prevention and Treatment of TB (CEPT), Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS (PPTCT), Blossom Creche, Dayspring Home and Organic Farm, and the BUDS Network.

Blossom Trust - Our Projects

Our Projects include:

Blossom Creche
Crèche is a childcare centre opened by Blossom in 2003 as a service to mother labourers.

Blossom Dayspring Home
Dayspring Home opened in 2003 for children orphaned due to AIDS or TB related death or infected and rejected by families.

Dayspring Organic Farm
Dayspring Farm was established to create a sustainable food income for the children at the Dayspring Home and Blossom.

Educlowns Theatre Group
Educlowns is a community theatre group with whom Blossom campaign for raising awareness on sensitive but pertinent issues.

Goats for Gain
Goats for Gains is an economic empowerment programme, started in 2014, aimed at uplifting past and present TB patients.

Paneer Poo HIV+ Women's Network
Paneer Poo is a support network for HIV positive women living in isolation and/or poverty.

Poomalai Women's Collective
In order to provide the community with financial education and access to funds, Blossom created Poomalai Women's Collective.

Rainbow TB Forum
The Rainbow TB forum is the only TB patients' network in India comprised solely of past and present patients. India…

Survive Sugar
Survive Sugar is dedicated to diabetes education, awareness, screening, and prevention of diabetes while building a patient support network.