About Shop Ethical

Safe World for Women

Shop for a Safe World is an initiative of Safe World for Women.

Safe World for Women is an award-winnning, women-led social enterprise and advocacy organisation. We work closely with grassroots groups around the world to promote women's empwerment.

Donations are important for our work but we also place great emphasis on sustainability so we have launched the Shop for a Safe World to help to ensure the continuity of our work at the same time as promoting ethical trade.

Empowering Women

There are many excellent retailers of ethical goods, throughout the world. 

We have linked up with existing ethical retailers, as affiliates to their organisations to provide consumers with ethical shopping options.

This means that, when you click on a link in our shop to one of the retailers listed, and make a purchase, then Safe World for Women will receive a portion of the proceeds. This applies to any of the products on their websites and doesn't cost you any more than your purchase.

We've tried to ensure that all the shops listed meet our high standards, however, even the most careful research isn't always foolproof.

"It can take forever finding and researching shops to make sure that we're not harming our environment or others with our purchases.

Making a concious decision to buy ethically and eco-friendly should be easy - that's why Safe World for Women is collaborating with loads of amazing ethical online retailers to ensure that we can all can make a positive impact.

The Safeworld shop is a double whammy: a place buy brilliant ethically-produced items and at the same time donate to Safe World for Women, at no extra cost."

Linnet Griffith-Jones, Project Manager: Shop Ethical 


All our affiliate retailers have a strict ethical policy, whether it is an emphasis on fair trade, a enviromentally-friendly approach, purely organic production or a combination of these and other ethical practices, so we can provide as much choice as possible. 

Delivery Areas

Some retailers deliver to many countries worldwide.

Some have a more restricted delivery service - please check the 'delivery area' on each page, and the respective retailer's website for further details.

How to Make a Purchase

To buy an item from one of the retailers, simply click on the links.

Once on the retailers website - after following the link from our site - then any purchase you make will also benefit Safe World for Women.

Delays and Charges at Customs

All internationally shipped items are subject to customs checks and potential charges.

Each country's customs arrangements are different. Please be aware that our affiliate retailers are not liable for charges levied or delay of items held at customs. Legally, retailers are obligated to mark all international shipments with value of goods. If your item is a gift, the value of the item cannot be omitted from the shipment's customs information on the package. 

Please keep in mind that packages may reach your destination country in good time, but there is also a possibility that items may be delayed in customs. So please allow extra time if you are concerned about your order arriving in time for a special occasion. 

We advise you to contact your local courier or customs bureau to inquire about possible import taxes, tariffs, and/or duties that might be imposed by local law on incoming international shipments.

Please check with the customs bureau in the destination country if you are unsure about any commodity-specific import regulations or restrictions (including quarantine) that might affect your shipment.

Some of the country-specific import restrictions known to affect items sold include, but are not limited to:

(a) all jewellery items being shipped to Spain, Monaco or France;

(b) all items being shipped to Australia or New Zealand that contain natural fibres (including bamboo, coconut, straw, and cane), potpourri, wood, animal parts (including hide, bone, and horn), natural wool, or fine animal hair.


Safe World for Women and our affiliate retailers cannot be held responsible for any items quarantined, destroyed or otherwise not delivered as a result of an import restriction in any country other than those specified on their websites.

While we do our very best to ensure that the work contitions of our affiliate retailers, and those of their supply chains, are entirely free from any form of abuse, discrimination and oppression, slave labour and child labour, we need to emphasise that we are unable to personally checkthe conditions in factories etc.

If you have any ocncerns about any of the retailers listed, we are very keen to hear from you and will take immediate action to pass on your concerns to the respective retailer and, if they are unable to satisfactorily prove that their work conditions are ethical and also that their supply chain is ethical, they we will remove them from our website.