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By Zephaniah - Founder, Zephaniah Free Academy, Pakistan

The last few months have not been easy for me; responsibilities and numbers of students are increasing in my women's learning centre and formal school for girls.

Along with my full-time job, I have to do a lot of things, to keep discipline at my schools; so sometimes I get tired and hopeless, too, in a few things.

I love each and every student of mine; actually, they are my happiness, and to struggle for their better future is my aim in life.

About a month ago, a cute girl joined our school; she is in ninth standard, and she keeps smiling all the time.

But none of my students liked that young girl. I even asked one of our volunteer teachers, “Why they do not like this girl? She is very cute and loves to study; so then why do they not like her?”

Actually I was ashamed about this thing that my students did not support a new student to be adjusted in our school as they do with every new student. Although I did not try to make her feel this, I thought on it a lot, and I felt that she was not like my students – she was selfish, she was thinking of herself only, she did not help anyone in the school, she did not take care of younger students and she wanted me to give my attention to her only.

This was not her fault I knew; all of my girls, when they come to me, they are all scared, silent, and selfish because they are not used to seeing selflessness, love, and care for each other – that I show and teach them at Zephaniah Free Education.

I knew this was not her fault, this was a fault of her family, our society, and her previous school.

Recently, when I was teaching, I saw she was teaching a little girl; there was the same smile on her face, the care and support that I wanted to see – she was treating the little girl like an elder sister would do.

I asked her to stand up and told my students to clap for her.

She said, “Sister Zeph, I have learnt it from you that if we will not help each other. we cannot have peace and progress in our world.

So I am doing nothing but trying to play my role to bring peace and love.”

I am proud that all those girls come to my school: they learn to study and to teach, and they know the importance of sharing of knowledge.

I believe: to bring change we have to change first ourselves.

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