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Samar Minallah—a documentary film-maker, founder of Ethnomedia and a human rights and women's rights activist—is one of the most influential Pashtun media personalities... Despite the threats she has received, Samar Minallah maintains a positive outlook on life...


Children also get raped. And boys, too, not just girls. (Men, too, get raped.) For the same reason that little girls and boys and men get raped, women get raped. The more we justify rape by saying that the victim was asking for it... the more we're allowing rapists to get away with raping people.


Many people erroneously believe that the parruney, a long veil traditionally worn by Pashtun women that covers the face as well as the entire body, can keep a woman from being harassed or otherwise molested....

If Pashtun men want to respect women, they should listen to the voices of Pashtun women themselves.


International Women’s Day (IWD), is a national holiday in China, Russia, Vietnam, and Bulgaria. This should be the case in every country, considering how much every society owes its women with all the violence against women, all the discrimination, all the hatred of women that are so prevalent in so much of the world.


Exactly how inclusive can this campaign be when it urges women to rise up and “dance” for one day in order to demand an end to violence against women?

..My concern is that it failed to include those women who... cannot participate due to cultural and-or religious beliefs.


The intention of anti-sex crimes advocates is not to create a scene or to offend our cultural sentiments.

The intention is, however, to make it known that this problem exists, that denying that anyone could fall prey to sexual abuse has only exacerbated the problem so much that, even in 2012, we find it difficult to combat the issue due to our cultural sensitivities.


When Pakistan changed the name of “Saidu Sharif College” in Swat to “Malala Yousafzai College,” the college students protested the change, tearing down posters of Malala and boycotting classes, knowing that the change endangered their lives, as they would become a target for the Taliban...


A consequence of woman's “weakness,” many societies still continue to teach us, is that she may easily fall prey to the harms of the “outside world” and the “outsider(s).” These “outsiders” are often people who do not belong to the female’s race or ethnicity. As such, the woman must not be permitted to marry any “outsiders.”


We should not present rape as a tragedy of Indian women. It's a universal tragedy...

Rape, like all other forms of abuse, occurs because society allows it to. Rape is the violation of a human body, dignity, existence....


My hope in humanity grew as a result of the international outcry against Malala's shooting, the same hope is waning because no one is speaking out against an equally important victim named Anisa.


If you can't figure out why Malala has become an international heroine...  while all these thousands of innocent children get killed--not just shot--on a daily basis in war-torn areas haunted by the U.S. army and Pakistan, then what I'm writing below is especially for you...


The murder of Farida Afridi, a Pashtun women’s rights activist from FATA, in early July has left us all, especially Pashtuns, many questions about women's leadership in our society.  Although I do not have the answer to why she was murdered, it is frightening to know that the underlying explanation is partly our society’s immersion in an extremist interpretation of Islam and a lack of education....