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Olutosin Adebowale

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Once upon a time in my country, Nigeria, there was a ruler who was dreaded by many... We resisted and said No to every oppressive action or word to any weak or voiceless Nigerian... This is the time to stand firm on what has held the world together - Love.


I allowed my tears to flow in Jensine's arms, not because I am sad but because there are thousands of Olutosins... thinking about whether to sacrifice the cyber café charges for breakfast or for sisterhood.


I was shocked that she came to my apartment for sex. I was so embarrassed and asked, 'Why you are into this?' She said 'I need to pay my boss some millions. My passport has been seized and will only be returned when I finish the payment.'


TTTT's cooking bag is an innovation that uses styrofoam waste to produce a bag that brings half-cooked food to a complete end in less than 45 minutes... The main objective is to use waste materials/trash to produce precious objects that are marketable and will become permanent income-generating businesses for women.


I realize that my heart will forever remain with the women and children of Tiger Forest and may never know the reason behind that affection. These women are are experts..  the challenge is their location. They live in the forest


16 candidates were selected from over 1,000 applicants for the Global Change Leaders Program, including Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale and Adepeju Mabadeje Jaiyeoba, Nigeria Correspondents for Safe World for Women...


We stood a minute for our girls who died during vaginal mutilation; I survived this dastard act.

Our one minute was for the victims of rape... This one minute silence, I mean that excrutiating minute, was for the mothers who died while giving birth...


My mother insisted on education for us, she thought that illiteracy was the cause of her violence.Therefore, I began to study as if my life depended on it...

Alas, education has nothing to do with violence against women. My degrees refused to stop any slaps from my husband.



I know that I have Walked so that our children and grandchildren will not Walk the Walk.......

A comrade was shot down at Pen cinema area/Ogba. May His soul rest in Peace.


"The effects of subsidy removal on poor women and children cannot be over accentuated....

The ordinary Nigerian has lost trust in our leadership."


In her letter to UN Women executive director Michelle Bachelet, Nigerian women’s rights advocate Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale decries practices that rob girls and women around the world of equal opportunities.


"The fight is for us all, for the generation of women who are yet unborn.

The fight began sometime in the past and each passing day is a witness that the battle can be won, because there are more passionate women joining the stream of our cause; some women did it then and it is our turn to fight the battle now, the stage is set..."